🔴 LIVE: President Trump holding MAGA Rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan


The highlight of the rally so far was:

  • Trump says ridiculous bullshit

Gave me a good laugh. I wasn’t expecting him to say it.

It’s starting to feel like I’m a watcher of WWE or some sportsball game when I watch politics now.

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I watched CNN today just to see if they were toning things down. Nope. They just aren’t getting it.

They don’t have to get it. Their ratings are in the shitter. They lied to their audience and haven’t apologized. The “reporters” don’t know what to do now other than to make shit up about the President. Once the advertisers start pulling the plug or demanding lower rates because of the shitty ratings, they will change although my hope is that they just go under and all of those self-righteous assholes are out of a job.

Big numbers at the rally tonight! MAGA!

Watching the Trump rally with my two best friends!


It was yet another Trump rally. Trump knows how to rev up the crowd but he will go back to the WH and do more of the same - sell out the American people and hand our treasure to Israel.

We can do better than this, plus $1000.

I saw recently that Yang was polling at around 0%.

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