🔴 Live: President Trump delivers remarks at the Pentagon

President Trump and Vice President Pence participate in a welcome ceremony at the Pentagon for Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark T. Esper.


Hon. SECDEF Mark Esper! Congratulations on your nomination, sir!


I read nothing but good things about Esper when he was Secretary of the Army. This was a good choice for SECDEF. He is a serious dude and he does not look like he plays games.


After that total disaster with Mueller yesterday I have a feeling that the Democrats are going to stop holding up all of the Trump appointments.

I hope you’re right but I don’t think the Democrats are going to back off that easily. I think they are going to continue to fight President Trump and hold up his appointies every step of the way until the 2020 election is over.

They won’t back off at all. Bill Clinton erased any sense of shame or embarrassment the Democrats have. Obama turned the party into one totally driven by propaganda, erasing any problem with a memory of what was said yesterday.

They’ll even keep harping on Russia, impeachment, etc. and fight any attempt to lift the veil on their Russian collusion conspiracy and not experience any cognitive dissonance at all. Reality doesn’t matter, they live in a propaganda world with their stooges in the media, only winning matters to them now.

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