🔴 LIVE: President Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Bossier City Louisiana (11/14/19 5:20pm PST)

:red_circle: LIVE: President Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Bossier City Louisiana (11/14/19 5:20pm PST)

Yet to start, but it should be shortly.

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Neato! I wonder if Trump is going to brag about the big, beautiful wall that isn’t getting built?

Are we gonna make it 10 feet taller guys?

Key words: NEW. Old “walls” were 2 feet tall. Hundreds of miles have been upgraded to the steel slats. And I don’t care if you or anyone else bitches that :taco:'s can saw through it. That’s an improvement. The point is to slow them down till Border Patrol can arrive. Furthermore, refugee numbers have plummeted ever since Trump started making their dumb asses wait in Mexico.

Bitch about the globalist stuff. Bitch about money to Israel. Bitch about the empty rhetoric Trump uses to assure moderates he wants to rescue DACA students. Whatever compromise he makes he’s still reforming the country. What we really need is a Congress willing to push through his meritocracy immigration reform and cut green cards and H1Bs.


You do know the wall is supposed to slow down the most ambitions illegals so that the roving sentries can nab them in the act.

How frequently and when those motorized sentries show up as the wall cutters are cutting will be the thing you cant crow about, can you?

You can track the wall construction here!

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I don’t care what that busted ass website says, either refute what the Department of Homeland Security said TODAY or don’t spam the site or the thread with a bunch of irrelevant shit:

Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan told reporters that 78 miles of wall has been erected under Mr. Trump, but all of it has replaced outdated fencing or barriers that had previously existed.

I understand the concept of fencing. We were promised a wall and got fencing, but anyway…what does that have anything to do with NO NEW WALL being built?

It just started.


Thanks for the update, CNN.

No that wasn’t what we were promised. Why is that so god damn difficult to reconcile?

Israel has better walls than we do.

Yeah, but no one in Congress wants to help Trump build them. Repukes stalled and stalled till Democrats took the House. All Trump has is what money he steals from the military, which isn’t much.

And before you say, “well he can just order the military to build fortifications and fuck whatever bullshit Congress says about the money needing to be specifically apportioned.” Trump is being impeached right now just based on hearsay. Imagine what they’d do if he took strong action like that.

Mind you, I’d have done it day one, because I recognize strong action would be wildly popular and not outrageous at all. Bill O’Reilly years ago advocated for manning the border with the military, and his expertise is on being “fair” and balanced to all sides.

It’s clear Trump has taken the cautious route and maybe he’s not wrong.

Once Trump is out of the White House, the Democrats will take power permanently, they might as well change the name United States of America to Estados Unidos West Israel.

Translation…when the going gets tough, the weak quit.

Do you consider yourself a good person?

I wish Trump would launch an investigation into the Kentucky and Virginia elections.

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Well if that’s the attitude, wtf are we even doing here?

Well, maybe we expected too much from him. Or, he over-promised and us seriously under-delivering. Either way, this isn’t how it was supposed to be.

Paul Ryan sold out to the other side. He stalled Trump’s agenda for 2 years. Ryan is part of the corrupt establishment.

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They ought to, we’re paying for those walls.

One thing I wonder, and haven’t been able to find on the internet, is who exactly designed and built the Israeli wall. These kind of monumental engineering projects seem beyond their competence, otherwise they would have just built it themselves long ago. Wouldn’t it be ironic if it was a German construction firm?

So glad we got that black unemployment rate down. As long as we have that, we are winning.

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