LIVE: Leftists March to Shut Down DC Banks

Left-wing activists plan to use Friday in Washington, DC, to march and “shut down business-as-usual” for the banks and financial institutions they say profit from “the climate crisis and immigrant detention.”

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There are a dozen people out there blocking traffic like a bunch of assholes. DC cops should ban this shit and make them protest in a park.


The one dude sitting in his car and waiting for them to move was awesome: “I hope they are happy having me sit here and burn all this gas so they can protest climate change” lol

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More people who don’t have jobs to go to on a Friday morning telling the rest of us how to live.

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That construction crew was hysterical. Turned on all their gas powered equipment to drown them out and burn up as much gas as possible. No one takes these idiots seriously.

This is their job. They are paid protesters. Soros is footing the bill.

Don’t they realize the longer they hold traffic, the longer people’s cars are running,so more emissions from the engine getting into the air, defeating the purpose they are there for!!!