🔴 Live Impeachment Hearing Thread - Day 3

This is like watching a shitty paint job dry. Do any of the witnesses have any first-hand knowledge of any impeachable offense committed by Trump?

Mr. Himes: Combat infantrymen cannot be questioned! They are above suspicion of anything!!

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Biden is the only one who engaged in BRIBERY. It’s in the depositions. Vindman is a clear shill as all of his answers pad what the Democrats are asking him.


Here is a quick rundown everyone:

  • Schiff is lying
  • Witness is lying
  • Lawyer for witness is sweating and stuttering
  • Dems are falling back on asking why reps are bullying this heroic patriot
  • Reps want to know why the story has changed every day for the last 2 weeks
  • Also why we keep getting witnesses that are 7 degrees of separation from anyone that matters

I sent the text :grin:

Vindman is just like John Kerry. Got a band-aid and received a purple heart. This guy is a clown.

Vindman lies under oath!

Vindman, on October 29: “I do not know who the whistleblower is.”

Vindman and his lawyer, today: “I won’t tell you the name of the intel analyst I deliberately leaked to, because it would out the whistleblower.”


I can’t wait for this impeachment nonsense to be over with. Everyone knows that President Trump will remain in office and that the impeachment is political theater. When it is over the media can get back to pretending to cover real stories.

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Sundance sums it up quite nicely all wrapped up neat with a pretty bow!:rofl:

“In essence State Dept. officials George Kent and Bill Taylor were butthurt having been cut out of the direct Ukraine policy and diplomacy being organized by State Dept. Special Envoy Kurt Volker. Additionally, U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was butthurt about being sidelined and no longer having most influence or access to Ukraine affluence.

Meanwhile, back in Washington DC, Jennifer Williams and Alex Vindman were aghast at President Trump’s direct expectation that Ukraine corruption -writ large- including corrupt officials speaking negatively about the U.S, must cease. Lt. Col. Vindman, believing he alone had control over White House policy toward Ukraine; and with his feelings hurt because he felt smaller; manufactured a false narrative to his sketchy CIA resistance member Eric Ciaramella to construct a false whistle-blower leak.

Meanwhile, after the Trump-Zelensky call, envoy Kurt Volker arranged a series of meetings and diplomatic contacts with President Zelensky and U.S. officials; people he knew that President Trump would later respect their opinion. Upon return to debrief President Trump affirmations of intent were made, and a U.S-Ukraine relationship was restarted under new leadership.”

Well that’s certainly something the democrats got wrong. Republicans had no problems demeaning Vindman…

Well that’s just false. He witnesses most all such phone calls as the subject phone call of July 25th, as a member of the national security team.

What do you mean…The Obama administration was deep into Ukraine supporting the coup of the democratically elected president in favor of a pro Nazi government.