Like Clockwork, Trump Cucks on Mexico Tariffs

We all knew it would happen.

We knew they gave up nothing. I hope they mock him relentlessly over this complete and absolute failure.

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You know they gave up nothing? The details of the agreement has not yet been made public and you are already making false assumptions about what Mexico agreed to? Oh please! Put a sock in it!

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They shouldn’t do that, the narcissist will shoot himself in the foot…

There was nothing to give up. For years the Mexican government has used their navy and army to secure their border with Guatemala. They have apprehended 100,000 to 200,000 a year for years.

As a Trump supporter, I think it’s important to be critical of him. In this case, Trump isn’t cucking because they reached an agreement with Mexico. Mexico will do something to try and stop illegal immigration at the border. If they don’t I imagine they will see tariffs. The whole point of the tariffs was to get Mexico to do something. It was basically a threat. It seems to have worked.

This is a reason to support Trump. The tariffs are suspended. Which means if Mexico lied and doesn’t do anything they will be used.


Exactly! Tariffs are a tool to be used as leverage when one becomes adversarial and against the interest of another! Talk about jumping to conclusions without knowing or understanding how diplomacy and Negotiations work this OPED does exactly that!

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Only if something ACTUALLY changes. Mexico has been apprehending 100,000 to 200,000 illegal immigrants a year on their southern border for years already.

Lol, republicans were not going to allow Trump’s tariffs to become reality to begin with.

If Mexico doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain, and Trump does nothing, then we all should be pissed off. Until then, let’s see how this plays out.


I see your point but I think he should have put the tariffs in place for a week or so to let Mexico feel some pain. I feel like he could have gotten more if he did that. Right now it just seems like Mexico is willing to enforce the law at their southern border - which is what they should have been doing all along.

Sounds good on the surface but when you read deeper, at least it seems like we’re probably paying billions of Danegeld to the Mexes. I haven’t read all the details of that article but it seems to me like another one of these eyecandies that Trump drops on his supporters from time to time. The boomercucks over at Breitbart are all melting from joy of course and hail their glorious leader.

I believe it when I see it though, Trump has disappointed us too often

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Seeing is believing, indeed. I want eyewitness reports within the next month that the flow is cut off, or this is all a sham.

Lol, his own party WOULD NOT ALLOW IT…:wink:

Ain’t that the truth…

Don’t forget, Trump has to expedite the asylum process as pledged. Let’s see if that happens too.

What would be the point since he got what he wanted without implementing the tariffs?

As I haven’t seen the details yet why don’t you tell everyone in detail what the details really encompass Since you know h gave up nothing.

I can understand millions however, the dimwitocrats gave Guatemala, Mexico and Nicaragua 10 billion bucks to keep their people home. Wasted 10 billion.

There never was going to be any tariffs, he’s not a king or a dictator (at least we don’t think) and there was never anything to suspend. This all existed in his mind alone. Well, and the ever so very hopeful Trumper’s minds also.

There was nothing to suspend, because there was nothing ever begun, he said it and that’s it. Had he not blinked, his OWN party, with very willing help from across the isle, would have BLOCKED it. :rofl: