Like A Boss – Trump Drops Google’s Statement on the Press!

The context, in case people here missed it, at his Friday press conference Trump said that Google was creating a website that people could go to to assess their symptoms and be referred to a testing site. The press called Trump a liar and said that Google was dumbfounded that the president would say such a thing. Google apologized, period…end of story. Trump again is in the right. Then he drops this on their heads like a boss. Its worth a watch!

The press is out of control. Trump is doing a great job of exposing them for the liars that many of them are.

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I find the MSM rather confounding, because yes you are right they are out of control, but I seriously ask how this people can actually live with themselves knowing what they do as a profession.

I was reading earlier that H1N1 swine flu actually killed way more people in a relatively short span of time. I think this virus is something to worry about for sure, but I’m trying to think back to when H1N1 was in the news, and was officially declared a pandemic, and none of this happened. H1N1 was also aggressively killing younger people and leaving older people relatively unscathed. I’m starting to wonder how much of this is the media intentionally driving people to panic, which causes governments and markets to react. Thoughts?

Do you remember what year that was?

Different President with press on his side. :wink:

That point has been brought up a couple of times recently along with the lack of action the administration took (Obama).

Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?


There is nothing to wonder about. The media for the most part has completely abandoned any pretense of objectivity in favor of a full on embrace of the Resistance. That includes a philosophy of the ends justify the means. :wink:

There was not the wall to wall politically biased reporting back just 10 years ago in 2009/2010 when the H1N1 virus infected over 60 million Americans, with over 300,000 Americans hospitalized and over 14,000 USA deaths and over 1/2 billion deaths worldwide.

The MSM protected Obama from bad press and/or hardly reported on H1N1 and Obama didn’t declare a national emergency until over 1000 Americans died but the MSM praised Obama to the hilt though the entire thing and anything he didn’t do, or anything he did do was :ok_hand: with the Obama loving media.

BIG difference in the reporting of COVID 19 and the reporting of H1N1!

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