Life after Jan. 20th. What will happen in the market?

Can we reenter a normal world where the models that set out the range of possible events and assign reasonable probabilities to them can again be relied upon? Referring of course to the models we use to purchase equities.

Or will our political leaders put kindling on fires that risk leading to a conflagration?

Wiith vaccines on the horizon and stimulus in place, there is much to be optimistic about. In the latter scenario, risk aversion could skyrocket as Americans peer warily at one another and worry about what’s next. If that occurs, the trip out of the hole we have dug will take years.

Just as the course of a rumored asteroid is unknown, it is impossible to say whether our political leaders will step up and restore normalcy. As they have all but abandoned the unity story it is unlikely.

Historically, we have been a nation of laws and peaceful transitions, a nation with plenty of risk, but not a lot of uncertainty. The faster we return to that model again, the more certain we can be that the investment that makes our economy hum will be going full throttle rather than being put on hold or slowed as we wait for uncertainty to disappear.

The left cannot help them selves, the pogrom of the left against the right will continue. Best bet, like 2007 begin selling and be out to the market. A recession is near and could be triggered by the smallest of events.

Everything could have been fabulous if the election wasn’t stolen from Hillary…
Trumputin has dropped another 10 TRILLION INTO THE DEBT. and on the taxpayers lap and into the pockets of the rich and the big corps. HE refused to help the population with the virus and killed hundreds of thousands of our valued population…he added to unemployment and we very well have been in a recession…A complete disaster of a president…and every measure of our economy is worse now than it was when took office…trumpitin has been a disaster for our country…no amount of bull shit will erase what everyone will see. right in front of them soon…be prepared…your messiah will be damned for what he’s done…

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The definition of delusional.

Truth is, if the pantsuit dowager of you sex fantasies was elected, we’d have no vaccine, we’d have a 30’s era depression, and a million plus dead.
But your media would cheerily proclaim that HRC is ‘taking the fight to covid!’

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Joe Biden admitted on Friday that throughout his campaign he lied about having a plan to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months,” His Fraudulency said Friday during a press conference where he signed a couple more executive orders.