Liberal students want Georgia professor fired for criticizing illegal immigration

Liberal students want Georgia professor fired for criticizing illegal immigration

Georgia Gwinnett College assistant professor Fang Zhou speaks out on the backlash against him on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Liberals embrace diversity of thought.

Until they dont.

Diversity of thought is fine, the state rep is taking issue with the “ghetto thugs” and “libtards” language from the professor.

The ironic thing is that the professor IS an immigrant, and he is a legal immigrant who loves his new country. The Left hates that, but they love ILLEGAL aliens. Democrats are derranged

Here is what is driving the controversy:

Fang should be heralded for what he’s doing… providing truths and a reality check. Though his phrasing may be a bit inappropriate, using his words to target emotions is just a waste of time & deflects from the points he’s trying to make, which he has are valid.

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This is disgusting. He has a complete disregard for human beings who were not lucky enough to be born in a country where they can be safe and can prosper. The legal path to entering the US is not an option for so many.

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Yes, just a BIT inappropriate. I think your Pope may beg to differ. :wink:

Following your logic…making a living is hard, therefore you have to support me. Let me know when you are ready to do that. Saying no would be evil and racist. I want my support now.

When did your concept of the law become ‘optional’? Immigration isn’t about convenience - or even fairness for that matter. It’s about the law. And every sovereign nation on Earth has the right to regulate who comes in. These are the basic rules of nationhood.

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Oh boo hoo. Would you like some cheese with that whine?.

Anyone who says that a person’s only choice is to illegally enter a foreign county is a moron. Breaking the law, in a foreihn country no less, is never the only choice

I am pretty sure those are from Twitter, right? Twitter is where people post the snarky extreme version of their opinions. Those screen shots are as mild as Mother Goose compared to the vile venom tweeted by Liberals and Hollywood types.

He was born in China and is a legal immigrant nationalized citizen of the United States. YES he is lucky to be a citizen of a safe & prosperous country but he wasn’t born to it so maybe that’s why he appreciates more!

His job is secure.

His views are overwhelmingly supported.

So, once again it is the .002% fringe that gets all of the attention and press.


I take from your post that you are avidly pro-life.


I see what you did there! I am having a good laugh on that one! Clever, you just made my day!

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He gets lots of positive comments on his FB page. I am surprised the leftist hatemongers have not spammed his page yet: