Liberal Media Bias

Brandon Straka destroys a HUGE media lie about Trump!

I recommend watching this video before it is taken down as there is a lot of useful info to learn from about liberal biased media!

Straka does an excellent job here of annihilating the ‘reporter disability myth.

He’s right but this could run as a PSA on every channel in the US a hundred times a day and it wouldn’t change more than a handful of minds unfortunately.

We’re past caring in this nation about the truth for the most part. In fact it seems that in the modern era the truth is whatever you want to believe it to be in spite of the facts.

Not just in America but in most Western countries who live in the post modernist Paradigm where moral relativism (there is no such thing as truth) is the predominant position of today’s culture. Defeat the paradigm and perhaps a return to rationality and science will take hold again.

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So much for the value of sworn testimony.

Media Bias is alive and well, will likely escalate between now and election day…so yes, this thread has been revived! Screw the ROBOT!