Liberal media at it again

Wait, That’s Why It Took So Long for This Newspaper to Release the KC Shooter’s Mugshot?

Are you kidding me? First, this was a mass shooting. The liberal media always treats these incidents as high profile unless new details emerge that prevent them from weaponizing the tragedy against Republicans. Second, it was a high-profile event—a Super Bowl parade for an NFL team that could be the next dynasty in the league for years. They waited because they felt this was a local shooting. That makes no sense since the event was televised. If the shooters were white, I think this mugshot would’ve been plastered, as they did with Kyle Rittenhouse and a host of other shooting suspects that aligned with the Left’s narrative on these stories.
Blacks rule the day …

Apparently, Mays was fresh off of a two-year probation deal prior to the shooting, court records reviewed by Townhall reveal.

Mays was previously charged with disorderly conduct for “display[ing] a black handgun during a dispute while playing basketball” at the Belton Community Center, causing players to fear for their safety and run out of the gym, according to 2021 municipal court documents Townhall has obtained. On February 8, 2022, Mays entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to two years of unsupervised probation after a majority of his 90-day jail sentence was suspended/stayed, criminal records show


Look familar ???

Lets see how the LIBTARDS put the spin on this with a black shooter.

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A new twist on the
traditional insanity defense called the “black rage” defense . :thinking:

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He probably did this because of black suppression and white privilege.

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White women fall for that bullshit every time . :stop_sign: