Liberal media and their fuzzy math

Liberal media and fuzzy math and total deception. I have read article after article about how EVERYONE is owing so much MORE in taxes than last year and are surprised, confused ,and frightened especially those accustomed to getting money back from the government. What liberal bullshit !!! If the RATES are lower than the year before how in the hell can you owe MORE than last year ???

Last year tax rate 10 % $0 to $18,650
This year 10% $0 to $19,050

Last year tax rate 15% $18,650 to $ 75,900
This year 12% $19,050 to $77,400

Last year tax rate 25% $75,900 to $153,100
This year 22% $77,400 to $165,00

Last year tax rate 28% $153,100 to $233,350
This year 24% $165,00 to $315,000

Last year tax rate 33% $233,350 to $416,700
This year 32% $315,000 to $400,000

Me personally, my paycheck was larger as a result of the tax overhaul, and my refund was the largest I’ve seen in years. I live in Texas with no State income tax so I can’t speak to those high tax states.

Well if you live in NY or most democrat States the property taxes are so outrageous and if you are paying $30,000 plus a year , then your tax bill will be HIGER than last year , but I thought those were the people liberals were against . :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Don’t you just love the dems they come out a tell you they don’t want any tax cuts . :rofl: