Lib state lawmaker harassing right-to-life

Took one look at him. What is it about homosexers that makes them so obvious? It’s like how Downs Syndrome is obvious when looking at a face. But hey… to each his own. And the way he gets in this woman’s face, I’d say he hasn’t had enough of his daily regimen of 5-times-a-day buttsex yet. Go home Mr state legislator. Find your big artificial penis and sit on it till you calm down.

When it comes to degenerate homosexuals, Hitler did nothing wrong.

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Liberals will defend this behavior. Imagine for a minute if this were a straight white politician harassing a gay man or woman and making statements about religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and race.

Okay, first you still make me lol with “homosexers”. :joy:

Second, is it not an abuse of power to threaten to dox, call for protests at her house and infer he has influence over the police if she called them?

Does one need to be afraid of lawmakers now because they can threaten, intimidate and harass without fear of reprisal?

What if Nick Sandemann had behaved like Brian Sims?

The super ■■■■■■ is doubling town.

Then maybe I would have read about him. As is… I have no idea who Nick Sandemann is.

Well, he could have killed himself sooner. There would have been one less degenerate homosexer in Germany. I mean… good god man… he is on record as wanting and loving bull semen. And you like this guy, Hitler? Hmmmmm. :thinking:

Aside from his death, I would not advocate killing homosexers. They have rights too… just not more than I have as a normal person.

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