Leyton machete attack: Van driver jailed for wounding officer

Here’s a prediction: this psycho mad-dog will be on the streets again in much less than the 16 years - probably nearer 5 repeat 5 - and will do it again within a week of being released.

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9 mm to back of head - dumpster - landfill. No loose ends, and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ saved. It’s a win win. Although we have Libs who believe the knuckle dragger can be rehabilitated. I guess no one considered the lives of correctional officers during the time it’s incarcerated.

Rediculous that the charge of attempted murder was let go.

Maybe people in the UK should try to actually take their country back, deport all the foreigners, and put all the kiddie rapists in jail. You don’t need anyone’s permission to rule over yourselves.

A .45 cal or a 9mm handgun would have been better thsn a Taser.

Some people in some places actually try…

Yes, in a solitary confinement jail cell with a regulation bottle of cyanide and a sticker on it saying ‘Drink Me’.