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I’m sorry but I am not clear on what you are trying to communicate. Please advise.

No need for YOU to be sorry! My bad, not yours! Please revisit the OP.


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That was an outstanding letter from a proud and dedicated American. He is correct that Pelosi will never see that letter but I hope the good people at Fox News and One America News find out about it. They should have this gentleman patriot on the air to share his views on Pelosi and the state of our country because many feel as he feels.

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For all of his education and qualifications, that sounded like nothing more than a rant.

I’m doubtful someone like that would write something in that kind of tone.

For all your education, I doubt you wrote that post.

So, why did I have a red circle on the notification that you replied to me? I’ve never seen that before…:thinking:

As to your response: People with those kind of credentials have learned how to temper and word things in a non-emotional way but still make the same point, lest they be discredited for being too emotional. I’m sure he’s been fired up in his lifetime many times and learned this lesson the hard way long ago.

I said what I did not because I disagree with what was written but doubt it was written by him for the above reasons.

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The :red_circle: is part of the title of the thread and shows up as such. Hopefully, there are many things that you have not seen before.

I see nothing in his wording that toward being too emotional. I think his statement that he was spat upon by US citizens for his service in Vietnam evoke emotion in me.

I think his well chosen words were a polite way of saying, “Hey, Nancy! Kiss my ass”

If you read that Snopes called him and got verification that he claimed to have written and sent the letter, you are calling one or the other of them a liar…with no basis other than your opinion regarding how put-downs should be worded by intelligent people.

You might be right. Your argument has merit.

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Sounds rather condescending, but I could be taking that the wrong way.

Not necessarily. I said I am doubtful.

It is my opinion. When did I say “intelligent”. What I said was someone with his credentials has learned over time to couch verbiage so as not to sound like a rant.

This guy wasted his time writing that letter. These libs are so saturated with their own propaganda world that they can be proud of being called un-American at the same time that they accuse everyone else of being un-American, and have no cognitive dissonance at all. To them, it’s all just another day, another line of propaganda, without any meaning or context.

I see it every day, everywhere, here in Nancy’s home turf. They’d stomp that guy’s teeth out while wearing a “Free Speech” t-shirt.

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Just an observation. :wink:

Can’t really blame a person these days for being skeptical and thinking twice before forming an opinion. :thinking:

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No doubt. The libs are tone deaf.

The worst to me was when Pelosi pretty much shunned the Angel Moms. That spoke volumes, sad to say.

That is the very heart of “debate” and discussion.

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You are. It is not condescending. I have seen many things in my 76 years. Hopefully, I will still be introduced to many things I have not seen before.

Which means you are not convinced that the truth has been told. Each refers to a statement made, not to a possible theory of something’s existence.

You didn’t say the word intelligent. However, his impressive credentials are definitely related to his level of intelligence.

I consider Henry Kissinger to be among the higher intelligent people of which I am aware. He had a way of politely putting people down…such as when he called the Russian Ambassador to the UN singularly obtuse rather than calling him stupid, which would clearly have been my choice of words.

In a similar manner, Dennis Guthrie was polite in telling Nancy that she is un-American and batshit crazy.

Good to know, asaratis. :heart:

I hope to be introduced to many things I’ve not seen before as well and some things not so much :wink:

No, I am not quite convinced. For the reasons I’ve given.

Well, the way I see it is someone of his age works pretty hard on gaining credibility. I suppose intelligence is related to knowing what to say and how to say it to support sounding credible, yes? no?

He was born in 1944 which means he will be 75 years old in August.

Credibility and credentials are not necessarily linked. I know of several liars with extensive credentials and little, if any credibility.

I think intelligence is displayed more in one’s ability to know what NOT to say than in knowing what to say. Sometimes, intelligence is displayed in being silent.

…and a person who has not yet attained any credentials can still be credible.

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