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I had to go to war with the rabbit hole back in the day but this is a war that does not need to happen play nice guys

Yes I beat the rabbit hole

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The ones that want to control speech are always our enemies, I can’t let them win

Rocky 4 - You can’t win scene - YouTube

I’m Adrian Jitss617 is Rocky and DrMan is Ivan Drago

Jiss617 You cant win his to strong

It’s entertaining. I don’t give a shit one way or the other. I do think it has reached an epic childish pinnacle, though. :wink: Just sayin’.

Never ever be on the side of silencing speech. Those two are sick ppl

@Roamingwyoming is bumping duplicating thread. AGAIN

@Dr_Manhattan attacks me again today. After I call for peace… and respectful dialogue

@Dr_Manhattan another attack…

@Dr_Manhattan we just all ask that we be respectful to one another going forward.

Bumping my thread

@Dr_Manhattan @Roamingwyoming
I implore you guys to come to the table and let’s have a decent discussion. Thanks

Woo these guys just keep attacking you, I hope the mods see this

Woo… another sybil personality???

Looks like they are learning their lesson.

I just want to apologize for my comments yesterday, this attack on my speech has taken a toll. Thanks for all of your concerns.

Another day another unprovoked attack.
By @Dr_Manhattan

Guys I have a cyber stalker :joy::joy::joy: @Dr_Manhattan

Several attacks in 24 hours from @Dr_Manhattan
When does it stop? .


Another attack by @Roamingwyoming

Omg he clicked the link lol hahah SOUL it worked hahhahaha

@Roamingwyoming to late I got your ass…

@Dr_Manhattan he keeps on attacking me… why don’t you come on in here have a seat… let’s have a little chat??