Leftist Cuck Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey is Trying to Prevent Trump from Having Rally

This is pretty outrageous on face value! If anybody wanted further proof of which side is trying to silence free speech then look no further than the hypocrisy of the left regularly practiced in the dumb advocacy they claim to fight for. Democrats are in fact the “Brownshirts” of the Modern era!

Who do these people think they are? President Trump is the ELECTED leader of the United States of America! It’s these asshats that are tearing this country apart, not the President. This is so damn disrespectful.

You know how it is; some people have a fear of truth. Old as the liberal hills. Anyway, “You have not converted a man, because you have silenced him”. Nor have you changed the truth. image


There used to be a day when Americans respected the office of the President of the United States. They acted like adults regardless of party affiliation.

Now, we have such an amazing amount of mentally petulant children in positions that should be held by adults.


They are in a cold sweat over his 2020 election triumph.

Whatsa matter Frey man? Afraid to see the Trump supporters that surround you come forward and CHEER…

Turn MN red in Nov 2020.


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Utterly ridiculous. Leftist run cities like this do not have some special authority to excercise when the President wants to come to town to speak to HIS supporters.

This guy is an idiot. He’s trying to claim that it’s just too expensive to host Trump after he said it would cost over $500k - meanwhile he had his police force provide security to Obama and it only cost $20k. I’m sure all the ungrateful Somalians love this move but I hope it pissed the natives off.

That’s what pisses me off about this the most. These leftist nut jobs are enabling the worst of the worst to come out among Americans and even among the most ungrateful immigrants I’ve ever seen in my life.

When my grandparents came to America from Germany, they thought of themselves as and told their children “We’re American now.” They wanted to become American, hold American values and raise their kids as proud Americans. That mindset is actively being killed by the left and is largely dead. Instead they indoctrinate the native population to hate its own country and tell foreigners coming into the country that they can essentially live like a foreign invasion. Who cares about the native culture, laws and values? Fuck them.


Your grandparents were still German. You are still German.

There is no magic dirt. Accepting abstract “values” doesn’t suddenly make you something different. Blood, DNA that is what determines who you are. You are a European born in the diaspora instead of the mainland.

Race is what it is all about. It is the demographics, the phenotypes, the 1000s of years of European history and civilization our European ancestors built for us, their children, to inherit and perpetuate that should be our first and only consideration. Just because an Ethiopian, Moroccan, or a Jap accepts “American/German/French/Swedish, etc values” does not entitle them to live in and take things from the land of a completely different people.

It’s not about the native “laws” and “values”. It is 100% about the PEOPLE, their ethnicity, shared history and culture. Until most normies accept that, we will all be fighting a losing battle…and the cuckoldry will persist.

I grew up in a house where German/Dutch was spoken. The day I started grade school, the adult family members switched to English ( when I was around ); because it was the language of the land, and to help me with my education.

Minneapolis mayor definition of “Soyboy”!:rofl::rofl:

So there weren’t as many people that hated Obama…:man_shrugging:

He may fill the Target Center with ilhans "intelligent " supporters to disrupt his speech.
Odd isn’t it how conservatives didn’t act this way to Schmobama.
Again, the Leftists only tolerate free speech when it agrees with thir agenda.

Because Barry’s platform offered the Free Lunch. https://youtu.be/Bg98BvqUvCc?t=15 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TIME MARCHES ON: https://youtu.be/bUHoAaDlhDo?t=5 I bet people like this woman would like to form a lynch mob. Heh

Have you noticed the exploded deficit. The chump that promised us balanced budgets because it’s so easy to do, is borrowing record money…:man_shrugging:

OMG dude! Again, Governments always run deficits. Deficits and the National Debt are not the same things! Please educate yourself on this topic! Also it has nothing to do with this threads OP!

I guess you forgot the bag of shit Obama handed Trump.

If I were president, I’d just say, fuck you, I ain’t payin; until every nickel we have handed out since day one is paid back with interest.

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Trump promised to run balanced budgets. The fat ass bragged, as he is want to do, that it was easy. Instead, he has signed RECORD deficits…

He wouldn’t be allowed to do that. Much as he has been prevented from doing most of his stupid shit.