Lawns Are Symbols of Racism, Bad for Global Warming

Yes, let’s replace all the grass that helps to cool the air and produces oxygen with concrete, rocks, and dirt that lead to increased local temperatures - that’ll fix it.

This just in, everything that ever was or ever will be is now racist.

“These lawns come on the backs of slaves,” he continues, zooming in on a painting of George Washington in a field to highlight men cutting the grass with scythes. “It’s grueling, endless work.”

I’m pretty sure the sod I have was laid by a landscaping company. :rofl:

I sincerely hope these people continue on with this garbage. They portray themselves as being absolutely insane.

Having said that though, I did read an article about some people going back to natural landscaping rather than lawns. Not because it is politically motivated but because they like the look and the shade it provides.

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Roughly the same reason the Bolsheviks wiped out Russia’s farmers, resulting in starvation, for which they blamed the other Commies for not getting enough work out of their comrades.

It never stops.

Hmm…lawns are racist now because the liberals at the NYT say so.

Ok jackasses, if lawns are racist what does that make Central Park?

Hey! Central park is a communal lawn! :rofl:

Stuff like that doesn’t count and it isn’t fair to bring logic into the equation :wink:

(I am being sarcastic with my comment towards the premise of the author of the article, BTW)