Laura Krolczyk - New York Hospital Executive FIRED After Discussing Ways to Ensure Trump Supporters Get Covid-19


Remember, these people want you and your family sick, broken, and dead. When the SHTF remember that when they come begging for your food and toilet paper. This prissy little snowflake bitch deserves hard times.

A deranged New York hospital executive has been fired after she posted public comments on social media fantasizing about how supporters of President Trump would get the coronavirus and not be allowed to get treatment.

Laura Krolczyk, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center’s vice president for external affairs, made the incendiary posts on Facebook, first sharing an article about The White House being reluctant to foot the $1 billion cost associated with producing ventilators.

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What a bitch. No surprise though, she used to work for Hillary Clinton and Kirsten Gillibrand so this type of shitty behavior comes naturally to her.


Look into those soulless eyes. It’s the look of your typical progressive.

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Her eyes have the soulfulness of a shark or cobra.

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It would be a damn shame if she had to watch everyone she cares about slowly die from Coronavirus and be denied respirators based upon their shitty political views.

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Despite wishing death on people, being unemployed, and publicly disgraced…she still feels superior to you!

Makes you wonder “what is wrong with these people” for goodness sake is she on drugs, consumed with TDS that she can’t think straight, or just an evil to the core leftist bitch? Probably the later! :roll_eyes:

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Awww…looks like you conservative snowflakes can’t take a little joking between friends. So sensitive.

I hope this miserable bitch never gets another job for as long as she lives.

It’s people like her that endure division and love to blame it on Trump. As if he was somehow responsible for dividing the nation. Must be another Obama-era hack. Only Obama could have hired her to help divide the country.

You got got by cancel culture. If a republican would have said something like this it would be all over every news channel for a week.

Do you ever have anything positive to say or do regularly like expressing your passive aggressive behaviour?

As much as I disagree with progressives I certainly would not wish them to be sick with this virus.