Larry Sabato and the Senate in 2020

In case anyone is unfamiliar with Larry Sabato, let me just say that he is a political analyst–much in the mold of Charlie Cook, Scott Rasmussen, and Stu Rothenberg.

I receive his newsletter every week.

It is my understanding that, in his personal life, he leans center-left. But he never allows his personal opinions to show through, in his newsletter. He is a serious analyst–not a partisan hack.

Anyway, in his most recent newsletter, he suggests that the GOP is likely to retain the Senate in 2020–despite the fact that almost twice as many Republican seats as Democratic seats are up for re-election–and he goes into the reasons as to why that is the case.

Here is a link to his newsletter:!!&app=io.ox/mail&folder=default0/INBOX


Sorry I can’t read it.
Can you give me a short summary of it, not the whole megillah?

At the very beginning, it lists “KEY POINTS FROM THIS ARTICLE” (caps in original).

They are as follows:

"-- Senate retirements are not having a dramatic effect on the partisan odds in any race so far.

"-- Democrats have missed on some Senate recruits, and that may (or may not) matter in the long run.

"-- Alabama and Colorado remain the likeliest states to flip, with the Democratic-held Yellowhammer State the likeliest of all.

"-- Arizona is the purest Toss-up.

“-- Republicans remain favored overall.”

Moreover, he says the following:

“[E]ven if Democrats win Arizona and Colorado but lose Alabama, they would need at least two more victories in GOP-held seats. Which ones? The list actually isn’t that long, or that appealing, for Democrats.”

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Why do you care about American politics! You are not American!

When constitutional America goes, there is no future for humanity.
Do you mind if I cared about the future of humanity?

What about the scenario where America is taken over by the ilk of Hillary?
You know the answer, smarty.

I see him on FNC fairly frequently, sharp guy and he’s usually pretty right on in his predictions.

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Our constitutional republic died over 60 years ago during the Roosevelt Administration when he loaded the courts.

In that time the human population has doubled twice.

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Roosevelt was a communist 33rd degree mason

Produce the evidence to support the claim from any credible source.