Language of Reality: Holographic Vibration

This is pretty amazing if you understand or have an understanding of what or how Holographic vibration works. According to the narrator in this video, life is created through a series of sound vibrations and light over time, as is everything else in the universe is created. His assertion is that this newer type of realization that we are not quite ready to comprehend is the key to the life, or shall we say is the matrix etc., and that its a series of sound waves where energy interacts with itself to create everything that we see.

I find this to be very interesting and as technology rapidly advances as its happening in our lifetimes now, discoveries like these will become more and more.

What are you thoughts on this particular presentation? Do you think its a plausible reasonable possibility?

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One mans experience changed perspectives after dying to acknowledge that we have it all backwards!

Pretty awesome!

This one I found to be a very interesting testimonial and credible story.

You were right, a lot of people were not ready to understand this one.

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Its still something that I am trying to wrap my head around and trying to fit it into the context of Christianity’s creation narrative.

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Maybe that is what prevents most Christians derived from their dogmatic routines and perceptions from seeing other possible explanations?

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Archetypal figures is hard to break free from. This is the point of saying that Language is outdated.

Sometimes such complex concepts are not o Lu to articulate but not all things can be described with visual cues either. Can you describe what God looks like?

I don’t think I can, too blinding to comprehend and the reason why Jesus was sent.


That was my point. The same can be said for people rooted in their beliefs to not understand that there are always other perspectives to understanding reality as we know it. Some subjective some objective,

Understood. That much I do know is the things that can’t be articulated in words but one knows what it is, such as crossing over, or multiple lifetimes and how can that aspect be explained in biblical context. That is the real struggle for me personally.