Land of the dishonorable and cheats

I no longer care to post because our wishes, votes, and Country are done .
We no longer have honorable people in the FBI , CIA , DOJ , Congress , Senate , IRS , or any other government agency . We have Forest Gump for president . How does a moron that can’t get 20 to attend his rally draw more votes than Obama did ? Does ANYONE believe it was a FAIR election ?? Dems are in total control now and we turned socialist to boot . Everyone BUT the white male is a “PROTECTED Class “ .
I hope Bezos , Gates , Zuckerfuck , Musk , Bloomberg , JZ , Oprah , Jordan , and the rest of those billionaires get TAXED at 90% . I hope we sever ties with Israel and back their enemies . I hope those in democrat cities have to take commuter train to find an OPEN grocery store . I hope dems defund 75% of law enforcement. I hope we turn back into the wild ,wild , west . I hope looters close 85% of the businesses in area . I hope we rip up all our trade agreements and China owned our asses . I hope we free 90% of the prisoners into their neighborhoods for their tenth chance . Who will be left to defend this Nation? AOC .

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Our country will decend into ANARCHY immediately after TOJOE takes his hand off the Bible. We will see a depression that will totally dwarf the one in the 1930s.
I’m sure all the SCUZZY TOWELHEADS are dancing in the streets in Tehran and Damascus. Full speed ahead for IRAN to become a nuclear superpower and for Israel to be left alone to fight the PLO and Iranian backed RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. Tehrani banks are probably clearing space for a sudden infusion of American Tax dollars. Get ready to fund the TOWELHEADS.

Amazingly four years ago the Commierats were SCREAMING we need to get rid of the ELECTORAL COLLEGE. Four years later. COMPLETE SILENCE and no screaming anout thr ballots.Whst Hypocrasy!!!

I guess they achieved exactly what they wanted on all fronts. They get to take over and conservatives offer little to no resistance.

A very excellent rant…_ I don’t wish this for our country but it’s out of our hands now…so like you, I will just sit back, watch what part of our heritage burns then make plans to get it all back in 2 and 4 years.

The only fun part is going to see those same crying Libtards weeping over their paychecks or the absence of one. MY liberal associates that HAVE MONEY and think they are immune…they have NO IDEA what’s about to happen. And since not ONE Liberal has a vertebrae to count on, no one will ever say “Trump was right” so they’ll just have to wither, alone in their safe-spaces, and just suffer.

That’s because we aren’t Libtards. The left can’t be TOLD what they did wrong. They are going to have to suffer before they realize how wrong they were.

Man…tucking tail like a bunch of bitches.

Have faith you fucking snowflakes!


More of the “called” states are going to fall off the list.

I guess you are in the same camp as the cuck Neil Cavuto