Labor Force Participation Drops As Americans Hyped Up On Federal Cash Quit Looking For Work

Why would you or anyone care when you had the shot?

They aren’t hurting you in the least bit.

As breakthroughs are happening more often, perhaps it time for everyone to be testd daily.

Yep , typical liberal thinking !!! :nauseated_face:

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Life is an about choices

Apparently you have made poor choices


For what? You can pass it with the shot

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The op is rubbish, federal funds ended in August.

As are your comments.

The Federal Idiots gave thousands to people choosing to be unemployed, allowed them to live rent free and bank the money so today they can sit on their ass as you do until they are evicted and forced to go back to work.

In the letter to Congressional leaders last week, Yellen and Walsh noted that states could use their allocations from the American Rescue Plan—$350 billion was set aside for states and municipalities—to aid the unemployed. This can be done by extending benefits for people who have exhausted their eligible weeks, and by continuing payments to workers who may not be eligible for regular state programs (namely, gig workers receiving PUA).

The Department of Labor is also providing $47 million in grant funding (on top of $400 million announced earlier in 2021) for state workforce agency programs that help residents find work.

As always a liar and idiot.

Can’t make Americans go to work….

Trump signed the CARES act which provided 2.2 trillion dollars for Lazy Trumpers, the unproductive fringe right, to set on their asses for a year, and as you can see regularly in this forum in multiple threads, they attempt to blame Biden….:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Three key pandemic-era unemployment benefits programs established by the March 2020 CARES Act are set to expire on Sept. 6 .Aug 10, 2021

Pandemic unemployment benefits end in September and states aren’t extending them

What are you taking about the whole infrastructure plan is to continue welfare benefits from cradle to grave. ALL DEMOCRATS


Interesting that after prolonged debate, 10 bipartisan senators “proudly announced” the framework of the new $1 trillion infrastructure bill on the floor of the U.S. Senate. Based on The Enquirer’s story, there will be $110 billion for roads and bridges, $66 billion for rail, $55 billion for water and wastewater infrastructure and $39 billion for public transit. By my math, that accounts for $270 billion or only 27% of the total spend. Hard to imagine what makes up the other 73% of our “infrastructure!” I think I smell PORK!

Republicans and Democrats ALWAYS pack their bills with pork….

Who was it that signed the Laughable covid relief bill in MARCH 2021 allowing people to stay home as the economy was recovering???


Chump change for infrastructure and billions in pork.

Perfect as 110 billion for roads does nothing.

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People still have a choice. But federal funding expired on September 6th……:roll_eyes:

Why would Biden extend it? Ppl now have money saved up and won’t return to work until it runs low