Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict: Justice was served today!

The HERO Kyle Rittenhouse was found NOT GUILTY by an intelligent and reasonable jury of his peers.

He was NOT a white supremacist. (The animals he shot were WHITE.)

He LEGALLY defended himself according to the law and the SECOND AMENDMENT.

He is alive today and the trash he shot will no longer threaten, hurt, rape or kill anyone.



Get the judge appointed to the SCOTUS ASAP!!!





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I’ll bet there are thousands of lawyers wanting to be a part of all those lawsuits $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

GO GET THEM KYLE !!! :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

I bet Aunt Jemima Goldberg on the View is pissed. She’ll make a BIG racial issue out of this and probably join Al Charlatan protesting the verdict.

Probably not. Too many people have however conflated the ridiculousness of the 17 year old kid showing up at a riot armed and clearly looking for what he found, and everything that followed….:man_shrugging:
I don’t think enough attention to the fact that Rittenhouse had a gun to his head and it could just as easily have been him dead right now….

See, THIS is why everybody thinks liberals like you are so retarded. You have a problem with Rittenhouse showing up at a riot to defend a few stores. You have NO problem with the actual RIOTERS showing up and doing all the damage. You’re upset that someone like Rittenhouse was there to spoil their fun.

You are a cancer.


Democrats/commies use plausible deniability as if it’s reality.
“God controls reality the devil controls words and images”

Democrats misconstrued images and words to create a false reality. And mainstream it


Well he never burned a patrol car , smashed windows beat whites senseless or set businesses on fire after looting them . You call this shit the "summer of love " :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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This case sets a nice precedent though… If someone feels threatened by the sight of Kyle Rittenhouse they can shoot him.

At least in Wisconsin.

So you gonna try to shoot him?

No. I’m simply explaining the precedent set here.

I think you’re going to get someone hurt, Kyle was cleared for self defense not just a feeling of threat lol
If I were you I’d stay in your mommy’s basement

What I find disturbing is that Rittenhouse was just a guy with a gun in a violent scene. He claimed to be trying to protect property, but how the hell was anyone on the street supposed to recognize that? Are you supposed to assume any white guy with a gun is a good guy?

Rittenhouse looked like a threat because he had a gun. People reacted to that — also trying to keep peace and order — but they got shot for their good intentions. Because they’re dead, they don’t get to say, that they were trying to prevent violence.

This is why every county in America should force Citizens to open carry at least five times a year.

How was Kyle a threat? He was surrounded by left lunatic rioters, didn’t shot anyone, except the ones that attacked him.

And Democrats are t hero’s lol if this was a active shooter it would be a Democrat

It seems clear Rittenhouse was responsible for the deaths, but not clear his actions broke Wisconsin laws.

It also seems clear that self-defense arguments work best for white people.

How racist of you! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Hypocrisy much or is that your altruistic views speaking seeing you are just another white liberal crying?

Like Travis mcMichaels?