Knock knock! It’s the USA!

LEO’s busting a drug cartel using a submarine!

Intense footage!

Gutsy work there. …

I can’t help but wonder why the sub didn’t dive?

This is really bad ass. Although I wish we would just start using torpedos. No reason these guys have to risk their lives. Sink the boats and kill the crew. The cartels will have a tough time recruiting people, or forcing them, once word gets out.

I don’t think they’re designed to. By ballasting down to just the sail showing above water, it greatly reduces their radar signaturemaking detection more difficult.

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You know the SJWs and snowflake libs and lib media would burst aneurysms over that.

But that’s my thought too, as I watched the video. Just a well-placed blast at the nose of the sub. Rio open a hole and sink the thing. If the crew wants to live, they can bail out. The coast guard would pick them up.

Likewise for those flash mobs ripping off stores. Just shoot the front guy in the stampede. Don’t have to shoot them all. Even just shots at the feet. No need to kill anyone.

Stupid SHOULD hurt. So should mayhem.


This is a fantastic video and it better go viral. :grinning: