Knifeman shot dead by armed police in central London

Well done guys - best news I’ve heard so far today. I confidently predict the Twittersphere will be filled with tweets from outraged flakes that the tasering should have been enough. :roll_eyes:

“The man was seen “acting suspiciously” in Westminster, at 23:25 GMT on Sunday, and pulled out two knives when he was challenged by officers on patrol, Scotland Yard said. Armed officers responded and a Taser and gun were fired.”

Police in the UK haven’t been shooting enough people dead. That’s the biggest problem with law enforcement over there.

Yesterday a shooting took place at a Muslim Masque in Paris.

It’s too late. You already let your country get over run. Taking one or two of them out isn’t going to make much of a difference.

The police officer will probably be put on trial and convicted of being an evil nazi white supremacist terrorist of a greater threat than ISIS.

Protests and bombings will soon occur in defiance of this obvious racially motivated action.

Yep, that’s how it works. A bit like when our military guys are hauled before the courts like sacrificial lambs for ‘war crimes’ when they’re um, when they’re fighting a war. :roll_eyes: I mean, what happened to ‘All’s fair in love and war.’ ffs! There’s no doubt the west has gone insane with . . . I don’t know really; is it political correctness, or extreme liberalism, or just plain stupidity?