Kingdom of America. It may not be a bad idea after all

Democracy in America is failing. The two-party system is a fraud. Is there any way out? Maybe.

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I haven’t seen sighs of a two-party system in many years .

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The two-party system merely gives the IMPRESSION of democracy at work; the two parties work toward the same goal.

The New World Order.

The Hegelian dialectic.

Problem → Reaction → Solution

The powers that be cause a problem.
Use the mainstream media to flame an emotional reaction (fear / anger) by the sheep.
The sheep give up their rights WILLINGLY

More examples
911 (caused by the Deep State)
MSM flames sheep reaction (Kill the Muslims!)
Sheep allow the Deep State to take their rights away (Patriot Act, endless wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc)

Deep State invents and spread Covid.
Sheep react to MSM lies. (Plan-demic panic)
Sheep willingly take the clot shot and die en masse.


Becoming millionaires and increasing our national debt … The GOP was castrated years ago .

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The GOP was castrated by greed and power… same as the Democrats. It just took a bit longer. The Uniparty is just a party with two factions that work in different ways to the same goal.

We are beginning to understand why these turds spend millions to get a job that pays $180,000 a year .

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The Dem Party over 50 years ago had a quiet turnabout from the party of the poor to the party of a radical communist / New World Order powef-grab. (George Orwell wrote his “1984” in 1948, so he knew what was taking place)

Communism became vastly unpopular in the second half of the 20th century, so they started putting on various masks. Like the Greens in Germany, European Union in western Europe, Liberals in America, etc.

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The party of the KKK , the party responsible for a civil war killing 750,000 whites . A party that spread HATRED and continues to do so today .
From the very beginning, the Democrat Party political bosses and their acolytes across the country have supported voter fraud and electoral corruption, embracing numerous heinous tactics to win elections. Founded in 1828, the Democrat Party, sadly has been engaged in manipulating election outcomes for over 190 years. Shortly after its inception, Democrats started using an election strategy referred to as “cooping.”

“Party of the poor” was merely a slogan of sorts and I didn’t say it really was the case,

The American Civil War was financed from London.
By whom? The answer will be antisemitic.
Blame them for the deaths of the whites.

I’m not sure who financed the Civil War BUT it was the evil dummycrats that wanted to keep their slaves and it was the braindead Northerners that wanted them free to rob and loot and destroy cities !!!