Kim Kardashian West at the White House to announce ride-share program for ex-prisoners

Kim Kardashian is back at the White House

Reality star-turned-activist Kim Kardashian West was back at the White House Thursday.

The law student made an unannounced appearance at an event to promote the hiring of ex prisoners so they are able to return to the workforce.

After President Donald Trump made his remarks, he introduced Kardashian West, who talked about her vocal support of criminal justice reform, saying at the start, “I wanted to make a difference and just wanted to do the right thing, but I didn’t know how.”

She went on to announce a new ride-share program with Lyft that will provide former prisoners with gift cards to use for transportation to job interviews, work and to visit family

Look at President Kushner and First Lady Ya’el Trump pushing their left-wing NYC Democrat agenda.

Not only are criminals getting dumped out onto the streets ealry, but now they get to be chauffeured to job interviews.



Many years ago I had a drinking problem. I got a lot of DUI’s and was sent to prison. I had never committed any crime other than the DUI’s but I went to state prison anyways where I did not belong. I got out early and went into a work program where I got a job in document control in the pharmaceutical industry making over $25 an hour.

I am a full on conservative, and I know that your post is crap and garbage. And so is your antisemitic hate jab at Ivanka.

You had an experience and felt a certain way about it so now we must all have criminals released early and be given things the rest of us law-abiding citizens have to pay for? Yeah - that sounds like peak conservatism to me.

This is no different than giving illegal aliens special treatment because people FEEL a certain way about their situation. They selectively ignore the fact that they are criminals.

Criminals belong in jail. They deserve nothing upon release. I have no sympathy for them. I have sympathy for their victims.

As to your example, after multiple DUIs state prison is EXACTLY where you belonged no matter how you felt about it. You are lucky you didn’t kill a kid, a mom, or a dad.


What was anti-Semitic? Ivanka did change her name to Ya’el Trump. Ivanka is just a stage name now.

Is it anti-semitic to state routine facts now?


Straw Man Argument.

When these types of programs are started, only a rare few prisoners get into them. Departments of Corrections have a way of slimming them down and putting difficult hurdles in front of them so that few prisoners can actually participate.

Prisoners will not be jumping into Ubers by the thousands, thats for sure. But some non-violent first-time inmates, such as myself, can get going and be a tax payer instead of a tax burden.

No - it is not.

  • Prisoners getting released early under Trump Administration program because of a degenerate celebrity and her connection to Jared and Ivanka :white_check_mark:
  • Said degenerate celebrity gets those released prisoners a free chauffeur service that law-abiding citizens pay for :white_check_mark:

Over 1000 of these “ultra rare” prisoners have already been released.

Of the first thousand+ that have been released, it sure sounds that way.


This is about as cringeworthy as it gets. I honestly don’t know how any Trump supporter, who calls themselves a conservative, could support this travesty.

So is your avatar.

What about my previous post do you not get

What about @KhazarMilkers’ response do you not get?

Can you show me a point in time where conservatism became about giving convicts a pass and a rub on their tummy to make them feel better?

Unrelated: If you don’t understand my Avatar and my name then you don’t understand how the internet works.