Kim Kardashian booed at Tom Brady’s Roast — apparently promoting pedophilia is not a flex!


Kim Kardashian got booed at Tom Brady’s roast. It’s about time reality hits her in the face. As it turns out, endorsing and working with a fashion house that promotes pedophilia and companies that are involved in trafficking is not a good look. Let’s review:

  • Earlier this year, Kardashian announced that she’s teamed up with Balenciaga again as an ambassador. In 2022, Balenciaga released a holiday ad campaign sexually exploiting children including having them hold teddy bears in bondage with BDSM accessories. In another ad, copies appeared strategically placed on a desk from the Supreme Court Case United States v. Williams, a ruling that upheld the PROTECT Act, that increased federal protections against child pornography. Some of the staff behind Balenciaga’s campaigns openly promoted on their social media pages images glorifying Satanism, occult blood rituals, child abuse and cannibalism.

  • Kardashian works with Lou Taylor’s Tri Star. Taylor was the mastermind behind Britney Spears’ illegal and corrupt conservatorship where she was trafficked, drugged and stripped of all her basic human rights. Tri Star also reps Kardashian’s pal Sean “Diddy” Combs. Tri Star executive, Robin Greenhill, paid sex workers for Diddy according to court records.

  • Kardashian also works with Blackbox — the security firm run by former Israeli intelligence agents — that ran illegal surveillance on Britney including in her bedroom and bathroom.

Kim has made it clear where she stands, and the world is finally starting to see her true colors not that it matters but the point is boycotting companies who compromise or make a mock of Godly values should be the standard with no compromise! If celebrities like Kardashian want to continue with their duplicitous nature of sleeping in two beds then they should also be forced to sleep in them too.

What a skank along with her fucked up family . :gorilla: :gorilla: :gorilla:

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