Killer released from prison, dubbed too old to be dangerous, kills again

I thought this was a little strange to read about a man who spent decades in prison for fatally stabbing his wife was released after being deemed too old to pose a threat. He was just convicted this week of a nearly identical crime.

This news as the Trump Adminstration is about to release thousands of felons back out onto the streets along this exact line of thinking.

Sick bastard murders his wife in front of his own daughter and some dumbass judge thought it was a good idea to let him out? Then goes on to stalk and murder another woman in front of her small kids?

We need to start locking these judges up!

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What happened to the death penalty and the concept of the punishment fitting the crime?

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That’s a gruesome story and those that allowed this man to go free and stay free should suffer some consequences. They had a chance to lock him back up before this murder and after his release but they decided not to.

No, they aren’t releasing people convicted of murder or other violent crimes.

I too think it’s a bad idea but it’s not the same in any way.

Unfortunately judges that turn killers and other violent felons free will never themselves pay the price for doing so.

Capital punishment should have been applied the first time.