Kidnapped and attacked in Mexico, migrants are giving up their asylum claims

Them racists Mexicans…

David’s story begins and ends in Retalhuleu, Guatemala.

He left his hometown Aug. 2 with hopes of a good-paying job and better medical treatment for his son’s crooked broken wrist.

He returned 52 days later exhausted, dirty and more than $19,400 in debt.

“This is going to stay with me. This is going to stay with me as an experience to not go to the United States,” said David, 31. “I tell people what has happened to me so they don’t do what I did.”

Tens of thousands of migrants who have made the 1,000-mile journey to the U.S. in search of refuge have been sent back into dangerous Mexican border cities while they await court hearings on the U.S. side.

After months in limbo, a lot of them are returning home, their dreams of a better life here dashed by the Trump administration’s Migrant Protection Protocols program.

At the Good Samaritan shelter in Nuevo Laredo this month, David and Edin, his 10-year-old son, said they were repeatedly kidnapped by gangs and detained by the U.S. Border Patrol.

“I’m scared. I’m scared that something is going to happen to my son — mostly for my son,” said David, sweating through the red shirt he’d worn since he left Guatemala. He asked that his last name not be used.

“As long as God has given me the gift of still being here alive, it’s better I go back home to my family.”

His wife and 6-year-old son had stayed in Guatemala. Over two months, she sent thousands of dollars in ransom to gang members who had kidnapped David and Edin, placing the family deep into debt.

David hired smugglers to take him and Edin from Guatemala to Reynosa, the Mexican city across the border from McAllen. It took them six days. He said they were trapped in a box in a tractor-trailer on one 10-hour ride. At a stash house in Monterrey, they were shoved in a cockroach-infested room full of migrants for days.

Once they arrived at the border, David went through “a nightmare I could never have imagined.”

He was kidnapped and arrested, held by gang members on one side of the border and by Border Patrol officers on the other. One night, he’d be at a stash house; the next, at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center.

He was tossed between northern Mexico and South Texas, crossing the border four times and getting returned to Mexico by U.S. authorities each time.

Sometimes he crossed the border into the U.S. out of fear, to escape the gangs and avoid getting kidnapped again. Other times, he said, cartel members who’d kidnapped him forced him to cross the Rio Grande as a diversion so others a few miles downriver could cross and evade capture.

After more than a week in captivity, David’s family in Guatemala paid the kidnappers $15,000 to free them.

Too bad David’s luck has been more spread out. Too many illegals got here with no problems at all.

My parents immigrated to this country legally and followed all the rules. I have nothing but contempt for these people.


Maybe we should pay the cartels to keep them out of the country. They seem to be effective at everything else they’re doing.

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If he can cough up 15,000.00 in a month at age 31 then why does he need to come to America for a job?


Sounds like the average Guatemalan has more in savings than the average American…and yet they still want to come here and cry poverty. Stupid us for giving away free money. To them, America is a winning lottery ticket that they don’t even want to pay for.

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with hopes of a good-paying job and better medical treatment for his son’s crooked broken wrist.

Since when is economic conditions (aka a good paying job) and medical treatment a reason for asylem???

He should have been turned away at the border as soon as he said that. Had he said he was apply for another reason it appears he would have been lying on an application.

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With enough stories like his, hopefully people will stay in their own countries. Perhaps even work to make them better places for their families and future generations.

My grandfather and my father did the same, they came to the country legally and like you I have no tolerance for illegals and asylum frauds!

The ExpressNews article is nothing but a hit job on President Trump, Border Patrol and Americans who want a secure Nation and to stop the hordes of illegals breaching our southern border. They can go pound sand and go to blazes. :angry:

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