Kenny Rogers Kicks the Bucket!

Superstar Kenny Rogers kicked the bucket and duly passed through the Pearly Gates monitored by an air traffic controller named Peter.
He had many super hits, but I preferred eating out at his super “Kenny Rogers Roasters”
One year I had placed an order for a turkey to be roosted at his restaurant. He surely will be missed!


Rogers was not an artistic genius but he was a relic of the era when men were men and women women. God, I miss those times. When I think of all the things the tribe has taken from us, the ability to be an apathetic American is one of the greatest losses.


“Lucille” is a damn good song, it should be the anthem of basic bitch white Millennial women everywhere, right before we repatriate them all to their large handed farmer husbands to be unceremoniously beaten before being forced to cook for the four hungry children, while he harvests the crop in the field.

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I woke up this morning to this very sad news. I always loved Kenny Rogers. Those were wonderful times growing up. Being at the lake house with my grandparents and parents and cousins, aunts and uncles. Water skiing all day. Listening to Kenny Rogers, The Oakridge Boys, Ronnie Milsap, Loretta and Conway, Johnny Cash, Waylon and Willie and seeing how happy my grandparents were together, married for 70 years and still holding hands until the end. They loved Kenny Rogers. America was purer back then. No infinity blacks and the ones who were visible were kind and knew their place. No ■■■■■■■■ in our faces constantly. White people were married and had kids and stayed together.


Kenny Rogers Chicken was good too!


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I remember Kramer screaming out the window, “Kenny Roger’s chicken. Mess you up” I wonder if he ever sued Larry David and NBC for defamation? His franchise never made it to northern New England.


I remember eating this chicken. It was a warm summer’s evening, on a train bound for nowhere, and if my memory serves me right, I met up with a gambler, we were both too tired to sleep…

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I just remember from that same segment “Mr Marbles” it was funny as hell at the time. Fun times.

That sounds like a Kenny Rogers song! :rofl:

…and the gambler ate some chicken…then he died! :grin:

Your comment reminds me of Merle Haggard´s “Okie from Muskogee”!

God Give Him Rest. He was a decent man.


Not gonna lie…I am beginning to love this quarantine in NY. I’ve been blasting Kenny Rogers, cooking up the venison that’s been in the freezer since hunting season, and relaxing with my family. Sorry to see Kenny go but thanks for rekindling my appreciation for his music and giving me the chance to share it with my kids. New memories are being made.

Side note…how many times do you guys think he banged Dolly?

Normies are not even going to know what to do with their newly found free time… They are so addicted to the rat race, the status quo, and the monotony basically of wage-cucking or career ladder-climbing…

Not many normies that I know are like myself and can just stand to be in a room, inside, or outdoors especially, completely by themselves, with no electronics and no other human being around to interact with and/or to be co-dependent on in order to pass the time or just to have fun… I personally can sit in a room by myself for a long time and just be reading a book, or I will maybe start a new project like last week when I began my annual gardening preparation.

One characteristic of the normie though as I’ve noticed is that he needs external validation whether that validation is coming from girlfriend or from his interaction with social media or television… Something… You get a normie alone in the quiet zone and he begins to realize that he doesn’t know how to think independently without some sort of interface interpreting his experiences for him… Which is why boomers were the first generation so captivated by the TV and now our current zoomers probably even more so by their smartphones.

I heard that some years ago, KR had a face lift which was a disaster. Any truth to that?

Kenny Rogers was a horrible human . He was very mean and nasty to those that worked for him , limo drivers hated him and he rarely gave a tip .

Well , where is the " Blacks Place"?? Still picking cotton!!!

That was one of the favorite songs for Red Necks.

May God welcome him into heaven and forgive him his sins and have everlasting life.Like all of us, he had his faults and it serves no purpose to revisit them.May God comfort his family during their time of grieving. AMEN!!!

I think it’s more…not rioting every time they get inconvenienced and not having the criminal aspects of their “culture” praised.