Kellyanne Conway : People should read the Great Replacement

Can you conservatives tell me one thing you have conserved?

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Power and control. :muscle::muscle:

What part of individual Liberty, personal accountability and self reliance do you not understand? Not really hard concepts to comprehend. For whining bitches like you who can’t do it for themselves and wants government to always fix your problems I would imagine those terms are foreign concepts to people like you! Just wishing a portion of the population would die so you can give into the hive mentality is no going to make your life better!

What part of eroding those things do you not understand? Conservatives haven’t conserved any of those things. If you believe they have you are only fooling yourself.

The NSA is literally spying on all of us right now. Those powers got expanded under the Patriot Act - something the Bush Administration pushed. But somehow you believe that we still have personal liberty.

Where is the personal accountability? Trump said he was building a wall. We don’t have one and yet it’s everyone else’s fault. Trump said he wasn’t going to do anything to infringe on the Second Amendment rights of Americans, he took a more aggressive position than Obama did when he decided to ban bump stocks.

Those are just a few small examples of your version of individual liberty and personal accountability.

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I think I was very clear what those terms mean. you just didn’t bother reading and are hinting at intellectual dishonesty! (Hey Pragmatic is that you?)

You are making a straw-mans argument here. Conservative and the actions of elected politicians don’t equate to conservative principles. Your whole entire question about what is being conserved is a disingenuous one and its obvious you really don’t comprehend the meaning. Not surprising coming from someone who said they voted for Trump and is now a full blown socialist!

Arguments that you don’t like aren’t necessarily strawmen by the way.

You actually weren’t clear at all. You are speaking in nebulous terms and you provided zero specifics. Nothing but typical boomer level hand waving and virtue signaling. Yep - Even self-proclaimed conservatives virtue signal. It’s kind of sad because you are so deluded that you believe your own nonsense.

The fact is conservatives have not conserved anything and are responsible for the economic destruction of the United States. I will say the leftists are responsible for the cultural destruction of the US, but the conservatives own selling out their own citizens for a buck.

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You argument is a strawmans argument because you can’t have normal conversations with people to understand basic definitions. Hence why you had to post this OP. Your immaturity is showing!

I was very clear in my definition, you are just too stupid to comprehend it! Your cuckery duchbaggery is showing! BTW, I am not a boomer, but nice try at attempting to have levity!

Wa WA WAAAA! Cry some more. Boohoo looks like daddy and mommy didn’t love you enough!

So instead of providing any specifics you once again go straight to the personal attack because you don’t have the acumen to respond intelligently.

Also - try staying on topic.

Now explain where our friendly author of the Great Replacement went wrong in his thinking. Bet you can’t.


Why would I? You already proven here that you are an asshole so why should I bother with people who make false equivalencies to suit their own warped narratives and practice intellecual dishonesty on a regular basis? IMO I think you are just another Pragmatic trolling incarnation!

Okay so that pretty much tells me that you are incapable of debate. How very conservative of you.

What is really sad about this whole situation is that you won’t even have an open and honest debate about the fact that conservatives have actually conserved nothing.


No I just prefer to not have to repeat myself and actually engage with people who are not intellectually dishonest! You started this thread with a negative discourse, so nothing needs to be further explained, we know exactly who are! A bedwetting snowflake who doesn’t know what they stand for!


Both ideologue at one time wanted to keep power away from goverment, to minimalize goverment influence. IMO It was only when they (special interest) realized the profitability in goverment is when they wanted to to co opt it for themselves. Which started before the ink was dried.

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I tried to answer the question posed and I can’t come up with anything. Honestly. Not trolling. If someone else can, I would like to hear it but I’m struggling with this one.

I’m doing everything I can to (educate) all those that read my posts that American conservatism is preserving the intention what our founders had envision.

Does that answer your question?

Can you tell me where libs practice liberalism in today’s society as our founders had envision?

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Okay but when we talk about conservatives today they do the same things that liberals do but for different causes. I haven’t seen any fiscal restraint or belt tightening going on. Didn’t fiscal responsibility used to be the number one issue for conservatives? Now they spend like crazy just like the liberals do.

I honestly can’t point to one thing that has been conserved by conservatives, lately.

^^^This. …:heavy_plus_sign::one:

Our constitution. Take a look at how we’ve been clawing back our self defense and 2nd Amendment rights over the last 40-50 years.

I wish. Conservatives only make up about 60% of republicans and maybe 30% of the electorate overall. That’s not enough to have a whole lot of power and control in a democratic republic.

Too many people conflate conservatism and republicanism/republican party.

Excellent. More characters.

Conservatives haven’t had control of the federal checkbook since the 90’s and arguably even then they didn’t have a whole lot of control.