Kate Brown Governor of Oregon being sued!

A group of Oregon churches and individuals, including as lead plaintiff the Elkhorn Baptist Church in Baker City, is suing Gov. Kate Brown claiming her executive orders imposing restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic are unconstitutional.`

Governor Whitmer is being sued by the Michigan House, and various churches around the state, for her “excessive” lockdown orders (btw, extended until May 28 and perhaps longer).

I hope the people who voted for this b*tch is happy now! She has already not only ruined the state (not that it wasn’t ruined before she came along), but she is "dumping it into Lake Michigan, as she and her family enjoy the “good life”. While we face a national jobless rate of 14.7% and over 23 million people out of work. (Michigan unemployment rate is at 24%.)


Good! I am Glad!

Just as Barr said “the constitution doesn’t get suspended during a crisis”! Every single one of these Governors should face the wrath that is coming! Not mentioning their own complicity for setting double standards!

The lawsuits will begin in earnest when the small business owners cannot afford to reopen.

The more the better! This is pretty outrageous! People need to start waking the fk up and stop electing these dictocrats into office!

Lawsuits have already started here @LouMan… Some of the small businesses have got together to file a state lawsuit against the governor.
It was reported in the Detroit Press on Tuesday. I will see if I can find the link.

People are party docile today afraid for there lives and love ones.

We have a governor who releases the number of infections and deaths daily.
What doesn’t please is the reality that 57% of the deaths occurs in senior living homes and assisted living. What he hasn’t released is the number of recovered people.

If people realized how many have recovered ad how few remain infected the revolt would begin.

We still have auto dealers closed as well as an assortment of other businesses closed for some unknown reason.

@LouMan, Ok I found one link. But it was from Fox News. :roll_eyes:


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