Karine Jean-Pierre Is Excruciating to Watch

New White House press secretary blasted for botching answer to inflation question: ‘Excruciating to watch’

Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s deputy press secretary.

A black, gay, immigrant ,”woman”. The typical liberal demoRAT that’s dumber than dog shit !

The turd stumbled over a question about the runaway inflation plaguing American taxpayers by rambling on about corporations to pay their fair share of taxes, and said she had no timeline for resolving the agonizing baby formula shortage gripping the country.

“How does raising taxes on corporations lower the cost of gas, the cost of a used car, the cost of food, for everyday Americans?” Doocy asked, to which Jean-Pierre responded with a rambling, incoherent statement consisting of imprecise Democrat talking points about taxing the rich and climate change. WTF ?

Once again, the bias media allowed this turd to come up with stupid answers to pressing questions because she is black , gay , and PRIVILEGED !

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She was pretty bad. She won’t last long she can’t answer a question

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I enjoy watching her do mental gymnastics. She struggles to answer basic questions and you can see she’s not smart enough to even spin things. It’s like watching her brain short circuit in real time.

She also thinks that people are supposed to give a shit about all of the diversity boxes that her presence checks - when they can’t afford to feed their family or put gas in their vehicle.


They won’t fire her. Her shittty job performance doesn’t matter either.

She’s a bitchy black lesbian so she will stay in her job because it would be racist and homophobic to fire her.


I looked at that image and now all I smell is sweat and cocoa butter. Weird.

I am going to miss looking at Jen Psaki’s milkers.

She is so fucking stupid lol, slow on answers, looking at papers to poorly read off of. Doubt she lasts a month before fucking up horribly.


That little douche Peter Doocy had been doing a good job sparring with Psaki who was at least able to handle his questions well enough with her liberal white bitch attitude. This dumb bitch on the other hand, Doocy is just dunking on her.

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Russia got it right….

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You will still be able to fap to her milkers. She abandoned a sinking ship to go make $4M a year parroting DNC propaganda for MSNBC.


Definitely a downgrade in that department

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They picked this moron to check as many diversity boxes as possible. She can barely read and clearly can’t formulate responses quick on her feet.

The lackeys in the Biden Administration picked her to insult Americans. Her presence on the podium is intentionally offensive. They are literally saying “we are replacing you” without saying it.


Why isn’t Psaki out there solving the baby formula crisis. Roll that milk truck out and let the feeding begin!

What is the Biden Administration’s plan to combat the coordinated right-wing plan to sit comfy at home and not really get involved with any important shit that will fix this country?

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As I understand it, over 81 million Americans “voted” for this.

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Slow Joe was going for color and gay and NOT intelligent ! :poop: :clown_face:

Exactly !!! DemoRATS are only interested in spending taxpayer dollars and finding 50,000 ways to give money away to minorities .

She is a sick F-ing puppy , dipshit was CRYING because she couldn’t tell her young child about trannies . WTF :poop: :clown_face: :poop: :clown_face:

She checks all the dem boxes . black , gay , slow , uninformed . She stays

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