Kamala Harris schedule since becoming VP

Following [Vice President Kamala Harris]official schedule to better understand how she spends her time as the nation’s second in command.

Harris, a Californian, has been in office for 344 days. In that time, she has listed 164 events on her official White House calendar, about one every second day on average.

Following a burst of events after her inauguration,

Harris events by day Nothing scheduled in 2022 frequent visitors Willie Brown Jim Clyburn and selected other black males

Press access often restricted ya all vote for a escort old brad?

It should be glaringly apparent that no one on this forum voted for either Joe or Kamala. Why do you insist on posting the same shit over and over and then insinuating that “we” voted for them?


making a point and posting the truth, something these two Pigs/ clowns Biden and Harris know nothing about Governing They and Drunk Nancy Pelsoi created the 1/6/2021 friendly protest because they new Trump won the 2020 POTUS election

So, you think it’s necessary to keep telling a group of Republican/Conservative/Libertarian thinking people on a Right biased forum about what a shit show Joe and Kamala are? You think you are enlightening us with the same shit over and over?

Take it to a Lefty forum… at least you can fight with them…lol. No one here disagrees with you… we just don’t want to read immature rants about “the whore” every day.

ok I understand but we have to get them out now before they cost America another 5 trillion dollars so what do you suggest? Impeachment today will never happen with Pelosi so what options are thier?

We aren’t getting them out. We are stuck with them for 3 more years. We can only mitigate the damage by getting a Republican majority in the House… and keeping it in the Senate…which is probably going to happen.