Kamala Harris and the Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax


There was nothing in Call_me_Ishmael’s post that warrented a response about Las Vegas shooting conspiracies. This thread is about Kamilla Harris and the Jussie Smollet hoax … not conspiracy theories about a sniper shooting.


I refer you to his previous comments. He didn’t have a problem with it, and it was directed towards him not you. You can simply choose to ignore it altogether or If not, too bad, get over yourself!


Yeah, the OP topic is played out anyway, least for the moment. We may as well derail the thread and talk about something completely off topic to pass the time until something new related to the thread comes up.


To be fair, that was not my intention to derail this topic. I will be open to creating a separate thread dedicated to this topic. I am not sure if it has been done before so I am reluctant to do so until I know otherwise.


They didn’t know that at the time when the shooting first erupted. Total Chaos was the rule that night until it was over.


Nothing about the physics contradicts the official theory of the shooting.

No, you started the whole discussion


Actually they do. See all of the false reports about the Michael Brown shooting from supposed “eye witnesses”.

People in shock will often pick up on the first explanation they hear and run with it as though it were true irrespective of facts.


Yes it does! But out of respect for this thread I won’t go further. This is like your eating monkey meat argument, you approach all conversations with a myopic perspective which I have no interest in debating this or for that matter any topic with you. You already proven as such as being true!


By all means though start a thread on it and explain the contradictions.


More of the 17% increase in hate crimes.

It’s really 17% increase in hoaxes.


There were 8000 in 2017.

Feel free to point out how 17% (~1500) were hoaxes.



I just did. Too many hoaxes.


You cited 1 possible hoax… you still have 1499 to go.


Here is a longer albeit not a complete list for you.


And all the ones that were never solved and the ones where the supposed perp was innocent but never vindicated. For example, if the Lacross team had not had good lawyers, prag would consider that as a hate crime.


I appreciate the attempt. But it is far from 1500 hoaxes. Having 10 hoaxes doesn’t automatically discredit the other 8000.

These type of hoaxes didn’t just pop up during the Trump presidency (although there has been a serious uptick in hate crimes since taking office). Hoaxes like this have existed for a long time unfortunately.

The most famous hoax being Emmet Till dating back to the 1950s.

I wish it wasn’t the case, because it makes people like Ish, automatically disbelieve all hate crimes. It overshadows that there are real victims that need justice.


HAHAHAHAHAGAGA… no more than what straight, white, males experience. Why would there be?


You can’t have it both ways, if you disallow our saying there are more hoaxes because we don’t have the final disposition of every claimed hate crime, you at the same can’t turn around and claim there has been an increase without your having that information. Oh and by the way I counted 22 on that list, not ten.


Because obviously white people are more likely to be racists, never mind claiming that without evidence is in itself a racist accusation. And further ignore that even black people say that in their opinion, black people are more racist.


That is just your opinion… the facts from FBI tell a different story. I am following the facts. There were 8000 hate crimes in 2017. If you have counterfacts… please provide them.