K. Harris to be temporary President

BREAKING: President Biden to transfer power to VP Kamala Harris - YouTube

How much damage can she do in 2-3 hours while Joe gets his colostomy?

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No worries Bob………………

Neither Joey Bidet or Kameltoe are in charge of ANYTHING, this is ALL on paper is all, the Politburo are STILL running the show just as they have been since Noon on January 20.


What a joke! Is all of this for real?


Not more than that braindead turd has done in les that 2 long ugly years . They never did find Joe’s brain in the search .

Are you fucking real ?

Then why the constant criticisms of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Why not direct your animus toward the “politburo”……:thinking:

Perhaps they are recognized as the representatives of the “politburo" and comments should be directed for fastest action.