Justin Trudeau Wears Blackface and is a Racist

I can’t explain to my American friends how good it felt for me to type out that title. Justin Trudeau has absolutely destroyed Canada and I have had to listen to his virtue signaling crap for years. The timing of this photo being released couldn’t be worse for Fidel Castro’s illegitimate son. SJWs in Canada are in an absolute panic.


Twitter is playing damage control. It should be the most trending topic on that cancerous platform, but…


Proof that cancel culture is one-sided bullshit.


Too bad for you leafs that Trudeau is like Canada’s Bill Clinton, nothing sticks. By tomorrow morning no one will be talking about this and will move to whatever some random leftist is outraged about on Twitter.

You cannot get elected as a progressives unless there’s some sort of blackmail material on you. JT was getting unpopular and tried to tell Arab states how to treat their women, the globalists are pretty much through with him it seems.

I love how the BBC had to report such an explosive story, yet still attempted to soften the blow as much as possible by calling Trudeau’s makeup brownface. Looking at that photo you can only say that is BLACKFACE.

Don’t worry though he’s a lefty so cultural appropriation is okay. Also making fun of minorities will easily be forgiven,all just a bit of fun.

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They won’t do anything about it though because THEY LOVE HIM, and he literally pays them in tax funds. So you know, hand that feeds.

lol Canada…

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They’re not outraged, they’re ironically saying shit like ‘no big deal this isn’t news’ and ‘this is outrage culture’, despite these people being the same ones that would shit themselves if it happened to a party leader they didn’t support.

All this incident shows is that the average Canadian is tremendously fucking stupid and you can trust them to do the right thing as much as you can trust a dog that keeps biting people.

I love how the left gets extremely outraged by blackface, but now that it one of their left-wing friends, you go click on reddit and it is all suddenly “haha, this is so funny”. All their supposed outrage about everything is 100% fake and is used for nothing more than strategic political purposes. The people on the left are 100% pure evil. They have no morality, no values, nothing.

He should be removed from office. Sounds harsh? Not as harsh as someone losing their job because they called someone a ■■■ in the 1990’s or said they hated trannies a few year ago on Twitter. So yeah. Give the retarded son of a bitch a taste of his own medicine.

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Who cares? THIS is not why he should be GONE. But he’s your problem Canada. We survived our Obama.

This is great! I take back that 1 time I called him a dog‐fucking cum guzzler. I stand by the other 99 times I said it though.



I don’t know how these lines get drawn anymore.

He was in an Aladdin costume? Is that out of bounds now? Would just the head dress be OK?

I get that the guy is a lib jerk and this can be spun as hypocritical…Still seems a bit much for a lousy Disney character costume.



So Trudeau apologized for a brownface photo. Hilarious to watch lefties patting him on the back for saying he’s sorry and immediately shifting the guilt to Trump.

Why do people apologize for nonsense the left finds objectionable. I see the blackface stuff and find it funny that kids are so stupid but it’s hardly a reason to go on the war path demanding apologies 30 years later. The people demanding apologies are the same people that refuse to apologize for ACTUAL despicable acts such as abortion.

We seriously need to stop taking leftists seriously on these things and stop apologizing for attempted humor. This is to the point of a flat out attack on the 1st Amendment.

You know, when I was growing up, I rejected the idea from some conservatives that we should ban objectionable music, such as WASP, Doro/Warlock, Metallica and other bands. I felt like the 1st Amendment should overrule their outrage. Well, we won but now we have another group fighting the 1st Amendment at the same time they claim to be the ones with the moral high ground. If you’re a leftist, you should be embarrassed that people are taking a stand against the 1st Amendment and demanding people apologize for anything THEY find objectionable. Of course, I suppose it’s impossible to embarrass anyone that supports the intentional killing of a baby.



You will get your wish! He has bigger problems to deal with as the chances of his re-election are seriously diminishing by the day with the legal jeopardy he is in with the SNC-Lavalin scandal! This is just fodder that adds to his pile of excrement that he is leaving behind.

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Quick update everyone. It went from “blackface” to “brownface” to “face darkening” in less than 24 hours all because their guy got caught - repeatedly.

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I hope everyone sees this for what it is, a blatant double standard that should result in the left losing all credibility.