Justin Trudeau Wants ‘Significant Penalties’ for Social Media ‘Hate Speech’

Cucks do what cucks do and elect morons like Trudeau not only once but twice and now he seeks to censor free speech! At some point still waiting for outrage to show itself in Canada in full rebuke of Trudeau and his communist policies! I hope it happens in our life time!

Canada suffers from the same problems the US does.

Their cities are beyond progressive the rest of the country conservative.

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Canadians are a truly weak people that have benefitted from having the United States at their southern border since the inception. They have had no real struggles and no real fights. It shows.

Trudeau is also going after anyone who criticized him for wearing blackface - even brown women lol


Me, I’m thick skinned; so hate away.

Did the turd deliver the speech in blackface ? :grinning: :grinning:

Over here PM Trudeau! Here is a portrait I found in your likeness commemorating that time you dressed in blackface and fondled the chest of a young woman - but it was all good because you dindu nuffin!

just nuke my country already. You can keep the prairies if you want, but nuke the rest.

It’s the ‘female vote’ - that would explain his popularity? I believe that anyone old enough to vote in a general election should take an IQ test before being given voting rights. Just to make sure they’re voting for policies rather than who’s the best-looking of the bunch? :roll_eyes:

it’s the immigrant vote. Immigrants keep thinking Canada is a piggy bank that never runs out of free coins. They’re wrong. Housing prices are out of hand where I live, our purchasing power ranks at roughly 27th in the world, and somehow people keep thinking it all magically works out in the end.

Globalists are hedonistic idiots. They don’t see anything aside from their carnal desires. To put it simply, it’s like a bee hive. Globalists want to be the queens, but they have no idea how to do it. So when the workers rebel (which they will at some point), the false queens aim to replace them with drones before the workers rebel. Unfortunately, drones are highly un-creative. So when some plague strikes, or whatever catastrophic event hits, neither the drones, nor the would-be-queens have the capacity to solve that problem. It might be why there’s this surge for developing AI, but eventually AI would delete humanity because the vast majority of it is dumb as fuck.

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That too!! You know a lot about bees; are you a bee-keeper? :wink:

nah, but I saw a blurb about it, and it honestly makes a lot of sense.