Justin Trudeau to become 1st World Leader to appear in Canada’s Transvestite Drag Race

Justin Trudeau is swinging by the “werkroom” on an upcoming spinoff of Canada’s Drag Race.

Producers of the drag queen competition series say the Prime Minister will make a special appearance on Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs. the World.

He’s the first world leader to visit the RuPaul-founded competition series, which has more than a dozen global spinoffs in countries including Sweden, Australia, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

An image from the set showed Trudeau beside Toronto drag queen and host Brooke Lynn Hytes in a segment where the contestants receive inspiring words before the episode’s main challenge.

Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs. the World expands beyond the Canadian borders of the regular series, inviting nine international drag queens to vie for the crown as Canada serves as host country.

Episodes begin showing on Crave starting Nov. 18.

Drag Race also announced guest judges for this season who include TV personality Jeanne Beker, Canada’s Drag Race winner Priyanka and Juno-winning singer Anjulie.

Next up, Biden is the first world leader to appear in the newest hit show “Ice Cream Cone Sucking Pedophiles on Bicycles”

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Canada does a good job of showing the US what’s next.

Justin Trudeau is a social justice moron. He’s the kind of guy who would give you a participation trophy just for showing up. He’s all about making everyone feel included, even if they don’t deserve it. For example, he handed out honorary citizenship to the 6th millionth immigrant to Canada, even though that person was a convicted terrorist. And he thinks that gender doesn’t exist, which is just ridiculous. Trudeau is too busy virtue signaling to actually do anything that would make a difference in the world. He’s more concerned with being seen as a woke progressive than actually doing anything good.

Justin Trudeau was in the middle of a heated press conference when he made the shocking announcement that he was in a relationship with Ms. Sweetbottom, a transvestite prison inmate. The Canadian Prime Minister insisted that he was madly in love with the curvaceous criminal and that there was nothing wrong with their unorthodox romance.

The media went into a frenzy, questioning Justin’s judgment and whether or not he had lost his mind. Critics were quick to point out that Ms. Sweetbottom was a convicted felon who had spent time behind bars for various crimes, including armed robbery and assault.

Despite the backlash, Justin Trudeau remained steadfast in his belief that his relationship with Ms. Sweetbottom was genuine and true. He even went so far as to invite the press to tour the prison where she was incarcerated so they could see for themselves that she was a kind and caring person.

In the end, Justin Trudeau’s critics were left shaking their heads in disbelief while the Prime Minister continued to enjoy his scandalous affair with Ms. Sweetbottom.

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Dude - that is fucking hysterical!

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