Justice Sotomayor Just Lied Her Ass Off!

SC Justice Sotomayor just embarrassed the entire Supreme Court by telling an outrageous lie by claiming that over 100,000 children are currently hospitalized with COVID. Funny thing with such claims is that it can be looked up and verified.

Thanks to Clay Travis he did the work for us.

This is why I despise liberals, they have no integrity when it comes to telling the truth as its obvious this was not only embarrassing for a SC justice to be off by 96,000+ but a blatant lie to boot.


She is a rat of the worst kind .

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Considering it’s cold and flu season and we are hearing very little about children with colds and the flu , once again the left misdirects reminds me of their climate change bullshit .

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Probably right, however this latest blunder is not a small one mind you, this was a Supreme Court Justice that got something so wrong to which could easily be verified with a few clicks on the internet that I have to wonder if this woman is suffering from some kind of mental decline as she advances in age. No one could be this stupid to be telling such an outrageous inaccuracy and still have credibility. I wonder if she is going to retract or make a correction on this, because if she doesn’t this looks bad for the entire court. I can see Clarence Thomas rolling his eyes on this one!
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I just finished reading about this. What a crock of s**t. She should not get away with this, but she will. Everyone with a brain knows she is dead wrong, but no one other than people on the Right will call her out on it.

These laws should be voted on. Things like this shouldn’t make it to the supreme Court.

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Not sure, but she will get away with it because what or who is going to hold her accountable? Forgetting about it will not be so easy though. Even in her mental decline Ginsberg was still sharp enough not to tell such an outrageous lie. Sotmayor makes a fool out of herself as well as the entire court, and its just crazy how far we have devolved as a nation when the SCOTUS gets besmirched with such Politicization by fabricating facts with ulterior motives.

It’s a shame that such a wise latina could be so detached from reality. Well I guess her life experiences give her status. One has to wonder how she congered up such wildly outrageous figures.

WISE MY ASS !! Another token affirmative action graduate .

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“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”
Sonia Sotomayor

As slanted as they maybe towards whites and the US Constitution of the United States of AMERICA !!!

If that statement was directed towards blacks or latinos it would be RACIST but … :roll_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: