Justice Sonia Sotomayor is now Suggesting That a sitting President can order Assasinations of their Political Rivals

🚨𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗞𝗜𝗡𝗚 - Justice Sonia Sotomayor, appointed by Barack Obama, is now suggesting that a sitting president can order the assassination of their political opponent if they perceive them as corrupt. You can’t make this up… Justice Sotomayor asked, “If the president decides that his rival is a corrupt person and orders the military to assassinate him, is that within his official acts for which he can get immunity?” “That could well be an official act.” This comes just days after Rep. Bennie Thompson (D) of Mississippi proposed a bill that would strip Secret Service protection from President Trump. They are telling us exactly what their plans are.

Holy Crap!

If the president can name anyone as corrupt and override the bill of rights, what’s the point of the constitution? As it stands, Trump is an American citizen and is protected as such. Sonia Sotomayor just showed her true colors. UN-freaking-believable!


I can’t believe they actually went there, and here is on display activist Marxist judges Obama was stocking the entire country with! Can’t live this down just in time before an election the demoncraps can’t win.

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She is a POS liberal turd . The law has little to nothing to do with justice or the LAW !!!

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There’s a lot going on in the SCOTUS; I listened to some of the argument and frankly, it’s disappointing. I know that they don’t consider whether or not a given somebody is guilty or not, that’s not their function; they concern themselves with validity of laws and whether the application of a law is in keeping with the spirit of the Constitution.

Be that as it may, to say the govt’s presenter was way off the mark and some of the questions from Justices put me ill at ease. To extrapolate the continued spirit of Article 2, …” the President is responsible for the execution and enforcement of the laws created by Congress.”, is missing something is dumb. It is a black and white statement that clearly doesn’t include criminal acts. The fact that it doesn’t say specifically criminal acts are not immune is silly on its face. Sotomayor made me nervous with her gonna be famous question. This should be 9-0, and easy, but the quality of some of the Justices leaves a lot to be desired.

I recall back in the day when the Dutch king & I made up the corporation thingee. The guys & I wanted the stuff that could be had at the ends of the Earth and we wanted the King to finance the venture. The King was a little short on revenue and couldn’t swing it, he wanted US to do it. Financing exploitation of the New World was a big deal; Building a large vessel or even several large vessels capable of carrying all the men, victuals & guns for a round trip to literally, the ends of the earth to bring back all the spices, goods, gold & silver our captains could wring out of the natives was going to be bigger than any one man wanted to gamble. If we could spread that expense in some kind of partnership, it would be worth it to divvy up the profits, but The French, English, Spaniards and Portuguese were hogging all the bounty and after all, we Dutchman wanted our cut, too. But partnerships under the existing law exposed partners to the debts of each other and that would be risky with a big number of partners, so no ventures & the King couldn’t get a cut. 10% of nothing is nothing Sending and expedition farther out to sea than any Dutchman had ever gone, where nasty natives might chop up the crew and eat them was bad enough, but talking on such an expense could break any single fortune, and God knows the King ain’t putting his ass on the line. It just made sense; Dutch Merchants should do it and the king could levy a 10% tax and all would be well in the Kingdom.
If we could spread that expense in some kind of partnership, it would be worth it to divvy up all the great profits.

So, long story short, Me & the King in 1602 created the corporation: the King would charter a new kind of business corpus; a legal body that stands alone dedicated to carry out an expedition to the New World and be owned by as many investors as necessary to fund it, each investor would only be liable for his percentage share of the amount of his investment. All the debts involved would be subtracted from all the profits and the King would tax this corpus. What was left over was to be shared by the investors in accordance with the share they funded. This new corpus would have an officer to be responsible for the treasury; a secretary for record keeping, correspondence, and reporting to the King; a Senior officer in charge of everything & everyone, and a assistant to the Senior officer in case The Man was out on a hunt. The Senior officer would hire a Capitan and crews and be elected by the share holders. All the officers, too, would only be liable for their interests in the corpus, not for the responsibilities of other officers or the share holders and all the business conducted by the corpus would be in accordance with Dutch Law & Custom. All these provisions & procedures would be in-corporated into this one, single entity. The guys said OK; we named it the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, or United East India Company to you, and the rest is history. Love will find a way. So will greed.

And that brings us back to the realities of today’s corporations. None of the Officers, or Board of Directors, or owners of shares can be sued or be or be held liable for ordinary decisions or actions when conducting the business of the corporation in good faith. It is not a crime to make a bad business decision. This protection from liability has nothing to do with violation of civil or criminal laws, regulations, ordinances, etc. This is true of all of mankind’s endeavors. If you make bad spaghetti sauce it’s not against the law. If you steal a turkey, that’s stealing. If you steal a turkey having nothing to do with your job, then that’s a crime, but has nothing to do with your employment. Enron’s Officers were not held liable for poor management, but the Treasurer & President were found guilty of fraud. Enron’s Officers were not held liable for poor management, but the Treasurer & President were found guilty of fraud. The President and all the way down to every limousine driver is responsible to do his job, but if he drives too fast, over the speed limit, he’s liable to pay the penalty. The President has too many jobs to specify a list of things that he is responsible for, and a list of civil and criminal acts he may not do is unnecessary, because it’s the same as anyone else needs to obey. Just bad decisions are not illegal. The SCOTUS seems to be having a problem with this for no good reason. If the President or any Officer of the country, state, county, city, etc. breaks a law he is cited for breaking XXX Section, XXX Law, which reads, “Ya can’t Blah., blah, blah.” In at least two places, New York and DC the specific statute & law has not been cited because they can’t put their finger on exactly what they are convicting Trump of. THAT, ought to be against the law. And THAT is what SCOTUS should concern itself with.

As to whether Trump was COINCIDENTALLY acting in his own behalf: of course he was. If he acted to stop an American citizen in Syria from recruiting American citizens to enlist in ISIS as terrorists by ordering his death by the military, That’s unpleasant; he’s doing it without trying him in a court of law and convicting; the would-be recruited American terrorists wouldn’t bomb the White House killing the President, so he COINCIDENTALLY benefits himself, BUT, that’s the kinds of Commander-In-Chief orders that are an important part of his decision making authority. We thank him for his service.

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WASHINGTON (TND) — Amid an ongoing ethics controversy surrounding Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a new report says liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor failed to recuse herself from several copyright infringement cases involving a book publisher that paid her over $3.5 million.

Last month, nonprofit investigative journalism outfit ProPublica released a report alleging Thomas “violated” longstanding disclosure norms when he quietly accepted luxury gifts from GOP donor Harlan Crow for more than two decades.

On Thursday, the nonprofit news operation released a second report revealing further financial support Thomas allegedly received from Crow, reportedly to help him pay for his adopted great-nephew’s education at a boarding school in Georgia.

The new report from ProPublica has led many to continue to harshly condemn Thomas, but amid that furor, The Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak reports that Sotomayor engaged in a similarly questionable relationship with book publisher Penguin Random House.

In 2010, Sotomayor received a $1.2 million book advance from a subsidiary of Penguin Random House and, in 2012, received two more advance payments from the book publisher totaling $1.9 million, according to Rosiak.

The payments continued from Penguin Random House as the years continued, amounting in total to around $3.6 million from Penguin Random House and its subsidiaries.

In 2013 and 2020, while receiving these payments, Sotomayor presided over two copyright infringement cases involving Penguin Random House, Rosiak reported.

Sotomayor voted on the 2013 case, Aaron Greenspan v. Random House, even though her colleague Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer had recused himself after also receiving money from the book publisher. In February 2020, the Supreme Court voted not to hear a case against Penguin Random House, which meant the ruling over the case was deferred to the next lower court, which had ruled in the book publisher’s favor, Rosiak reported.
However, despite what some call a double standard, Democrats are coming to Sotomayor’s defense, arguing the accusations against her do not compare to those against Thomas.

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The high tide eventually comes in with predictable expectations! Nothing new with newly appointed and sometimes slanted judges with a bit of partisanship as a sign of loyalty, going with the ebbs and flows while managing to be on the outer fringes of being affected by a jungle judge is part of the winning dynamic in life. You just learn to not care enough to get by! Who are these people? People? She has an asshole that shits?

The gifts to Justice Thomas (& his wife) have been in the form of vacations to places owned and with the giver, a life-long friend and his wife. Yes, there probably is some dollar value involved, the man is rich and owns nice places, but given the opportunity would you like to spend some brandy time with him? If you were buying dinner for your favorite friend, a Supreme Court Justice and his wife would you take them to Steak Shack, or would you want to take him to the finest restaurant in city, maybe, maybe where the world could see you of all people with the likes of him? Most of his admirers would kill in exchange for an evening or a week to sit and listen at the feet of the font of wisdom. Give me your list.

Have you noticed that Joe doesn’t have visitors to his long weekends at his beach? Do you suppose that he has friends, that is people that would like to be with him, anywhere? Anyone want to spend a weekend listening to Joe for a year? Give me that list, too.

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I would definitely enjoy a pour of good Scotch/Bourbon with him.


What is the standard in America these days as being the finest?

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One day with that moron would take a year to decipher his word salad !!!

Can we have a little time to research this and get back to you?

Do you suppose somebody put a bug in her ear, just in-case Joe catches a bullet, they’ve got a really, really good suspect in mind.

Sure! It’s a long wait anyhow!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Joos are dangerous. They did JFK and 911.
And how many of them are at the US Supreme court?

Jooos, joooos and more jooos! They are everywhere! How to escape them? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I was accused I see Joos everywhere.
Well, Joos are everywhere running the world!

I heard Scalia was a crypto-Joo. If so, 5 out of 9 justices, counting Ginsburg, could make the majority and turn the US upside down. Therefore, patriots secretly had to take Scalia out in Texas where he was attending a secret occult meeting (with the Pope present).

They could the preverbal monster under our beds? Gerry Jooos are unavoidable .

Supreme Court Justices Sotomayor, Kagan , and Jackson should NOT be subjected to any experiences more extreme than those of Planned Parenthood employees over the last 25 years.

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If you pervert the law they will be nothing left to take anything seriously anymore. Whats next is what we have been warned about: “careful what you wish for”