Just when you thought Pusaki couldn't get any dumber


Psaki claims it is ‘unfair and absurd’ for businesses to raise prices if Biden administration raises corporate taxes

Apparently unaware of basic economics, White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated Monday that the White House believes it is “unfair and absurd” if businesses raise prices in response to the Biden administration increasing corporate tax liability.

What did Psaki say?

For several days now, the Biden administration has been pushing the absurd claim that its $3.5 trillion spending bill actually “costs zero dollars.” They argue that tax increases will offset spending.

Biden has promised not to raise taxes on American households earning less than $400,000. But as a reporter noted in questioning Psaki during Monday’s White House press briefing, analysis from the Joint Committee on Taxation says the spending bill would result in tax increases for “more than 16% of taxpayers.”

There is nothing unique about this airheaded skirt. ALL Woke idiots have the economics education of a slug. What the FCK did she THINK would happen if corporate taxes were raised? Did she think businesses would just bend over and take it?

What she also failed to mention is the biggest corporations will lay off workers and send a lot of jobs back to the far east. (Remember those jobs that Trump’s corporate tax cuts brought BACK to the US?)

Liberals are IDIOTS, plain and simple. And they want to send our economy into the shitter, just because Trump hurt their feelings on Twitter.


Plan to spend $3,500,000,000 plus and tell everyone it equals zero dollars . :thinking:

I’m still waiting for the cigar liberal here to try to justify that. And do so without “bu bu but Trump.”

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Ayana Presley wants taxpayers to pay for wigs

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We’re just surrounded by idiots.

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