Just when you think you heard dems come up with the dumbest. shit

DC’s New Violence Reduction Plan? Posters Telling Residents Not to Kill People.

In Washington, D.C., where crime is on the rise as it is in many big Democrat-run cities across America, some community leaders have a new plan to address rising violent crime, specifically homicide: simply reminding people that they are not to kill others.

Red cardboard signs declaring “THOU SHALT NOT KILL” in large white letters will be posted around D.C., in case would-be murderers were not deterred enough by the fact that homicide is, in fact, illegal.

If you don’t fear the God of the Universe, not sure why you’d respect his commandments. https://wtop.com/dc/2023/01/thou-shalt-not-kill-posters-coming-to-dc-can-they-help-curb-gun-violence/

— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) January 10, 2023

According to local WTOP News, the Anacostia Coordinating Council’s executive director Philip Pannell is one such leader to launch the new sign campaign this week. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is providing 1,000 of the posters and the owner of the local Busboys and Poets restaurant chain committed to printing 2,000 that will distributed to Washingtonians.

But even the activism project’s organizers admit the posters aren’t actually going to dissuade would-be or established criminals from continuing to murder their fellow citizens. Pannell told WTOP that, rather than curbing homicides, “he’s hoping the signs espousing the sixth commandment will reinvigorate discussion about stopping gun violence.”

Ah, conversation about how many people are being killed in Washington. Well, talk is cheap. And it’s not like D.C. needs a braintrust to figure out there’s a problem with crime or how to fix it — stop being soft on crime. But the nation’s capital has been enacting policies that are softer on crime, not tougher, amid “completely unacceptable” violence, as D.C.'s police chief described the problem.


I bet that’s going to be super effective… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Killing people i democrat controlled cities has the positive effect of cleansing the gene pool,

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At some point anyone with a brain will begin to see living in a dem State leads to HIGH taxes , HIGH crime , and death !!! They can’t cleanse that pool fast enough for me ! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: