Just ONE black in Germany?

Merkel asked for it. Merkel got it.

Germany has had a growing black population since shortly after WWII.

Oh yeah, 2019 is certainly after WWII.
First the Turks, now Africans.
There were only African students shortly after WWII.
If you mean black GIs, it’s another story.

There were blacks living in Germany when my dad was there in the fifties and sixties and more when I was there in the eighties and 90’s.

Germany had a terrible shortage of labor to rebuild after WWII so they kept importing labor.

Who needs black labor?
Volvo is relocating.

They did. There were no robots or other modern labor replacing advances that we have today in that era.

For that, they had Turks. Not Africans.

They had anyone they could get to come to Germany and work.

What we see here is one traumatized African refugee destroying the windows of multiple parked cars while the German cucks watch safely behind a glass window, just like they do at the zoo!

Nice to see a future doctor get his daily exercise before his pre-med classes. Germany has a bright future.

These kinds of incidents are the ultimate redpill. Its good to spread these kinds of videos amongst your friends groups and relatives as they are obviously not overt redpill propaganda, but just interesting videos. The normies will eventually connect the dots. These kind of videos are better than statistics showing blacks commit more crime IMO.

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Are you sure?
A woman’s voice whined, That’s my car, that’s my car…
How would you like it done to your car?