Just anotha day in Chi town


Key point in second sentence: " Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeted that the shooting occurred at a family gathering. He tweeted that “Individuals on scene are not being cooperative with detectives.”

Maybe Foxx can drop the charges on these scumbags too .

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Chicago is a filthier shithole than Smollett’s ■■■■■■ ass. Nothing of value was lost in this shooting.

And they just voted for dramatic reform in the latest Mayoral election… Wait, not so much.

They are getting what they vote for.

Foxx was just telling the Rainbow Coalition that any criticism of her and the work that she does is racist.

That’s what happens when you rise through the ranks of Affirmative Action and Quotas . Never the best qualified simply a dark face will due !

Any person or group backed by fake-Reverend Jesse “It’s okay if I have a mistress” Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition is claiming racism…no matter who is criticizing it for whatever reason.

Jesse Jackson is the epitome of race-baiter. He creates racism where none exists.