"Jussie Smollett 2.0" CAUGHT Red Handed, Sprayed "MAGA" And Slur On Wall - Arrested and Charged

Looks like homie spent all of his NFL earnings… wasn’t bright enough to run a business… saw a TDS opportunity and TOOK it.

Except… he’s a fucking idiot.



$5 says that despite this overwhelming evidence, this guy gets acquitted or gets a wrist slap punishment for this.

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That’s because Leftists are totally intolerant of any viewpoint except their own and the MSM and activist judges are in absolute collusion with them.

They ignore their own racist actions and crimes which is why Trump was elected President.

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Another black man caught lying to the police about a hate crime in order to sell their race baiting victimhood to the world. Since there aren’t any real attacks taking place they need to be fabricated to keep the charade going.

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Once again the demand for hate crimes far outstrips the supply so they need to fake it. This is what happens when you reward liars, race baiting minorities, and feminists.

I guess the msm didn’t have enough time to hide this until they could get the narrative out that “Evil Nazis” trashed an oppressed black man’s business, to “keep him down.”

Good for the msm for publishing this, including a photo…

Fat Ass Michael Moore will offer him a movie deal, book deal and late night Liberal talk show appearances.