Julian Assange: Judge refuses to delay extradition hearing

That’s a very interesting insight into it, and thanks. (and I said you know nothing about world affairs?? :woozy_face: )

Unfortunately Assange is a pawn in the greater scheme of things, to which we have seen the likes of depicted in some Spy thriller Hollywood movie, where the plot of the story and drama that follows plays out to see who gets to who first. I really feel for Assange at this point, and I am certain he never imagined that his life would have turned the way it did, to which he has essentially spent the last 8 years in captivity. A high price to pay for deciding to provide the world with being informed along the journalistic reasoning. He knew the risks though, and when you start messing with intelligence wings and Government operatives to which he was a part of, they tend to not forget and have a very long memory. Its for the same reasons Eric Snowden remains in Russia and is always looking over his shoulder, and probably will be until a US president pardons him or he lives the rest of his life under that intense suspicion of being on your guard sort of speak.

I guess you’re right; they say ‘ya can’t beat the system’, and the system being absolute power means that ‘they’ can do what they like and get away with it, so they do what they like. We’re just ‘the little people’, and woe betide any of us who get in their way.