Judge to sentence former Trump aide Michael Flynn in January ***UPDATE*** 4/24/2020

This is a total miscarriage of justice being applied here. I wish Flynn would have hired Sydney Powell before pleading guilty as his chances would have been much better than what they tried to do here, still this case is marked with so much improprieties that its hard to justify the Judges ruling in this case.

See Tom Stevens for past precedent!

**** UPDATE 01/08/2020 ****

Breaking – Mueller team recommends 6 months in prison for General Flynn

Federal prosecutors urged a judge Tuesday to sentence former national security advisor Michael Flynn later this month to anywhere from zero to six months in jail for lying to federal agents about his contacts with a Russian diplomat shortly before the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

The recommendation was a sharp reversal for prosecutors, who previously had asked that Flynn get a sentence with no jail time in recognition of his extensive help with “several ongoing investigations” following his guilty plea in late 2017.

In their new court filing — which comes more than a year after Flynn’s original sentencing hearing was dramatically aborted — prosecutors cited the “serious nature of” the retired Army lieutenant general’s crime and “his apparent failure to accept responsibility” for his actions.

They also accused him of trying to “thwart the efforts” of prosecutors to convict other people, even as he assisted them in other criminal cases.

The new recommendation comes after months of efforts by Flynn and his defense lawyers to effectively undo his guilty plea in the case by arguing that prosecutors had withheld evidence from him, and that the FBI had misled Flynn.

“In light of the complete record, including actions subsequent to December 18, 2018, that negate the benefits of much of the defendant’s earlier cooperation, the government no longer deems the defendant’s assistance ‘substantial,’ prosecutors wrote.

“The government also does not believe the defendant should receive credit for acceptance of responsibility,” prosecutors wrote. “Indeed, the government has reason to believe, through representations by the defendant’s counsel, that the defendant has retreated from his acceptance of responsibility in this case regarding his lies to the FBI.”

Flynn currently is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Emmet Sullivan on Jan. 28.

“The defendant is now scheduled to be sentenced almost exactly three years from the date of his primary criminal conduct – lying to the FBI – and the intervening years have included periods where the defendant has sought to assist and aid the government, and periods where the defendant has sought to thwart the efforts of the government to hold other individuals, principally Bijan Rafiekian, accountable for criminal wrongdoing,” prosecutors wrote in their filing.

This is far from over.

One of the FBI agents involved in the interview was Peter Strzok, who was fired from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team when text messages disparaging President Trump were discovered between him and FBI colleague Lisa Page, with whom he was having an affair.

Seems they will be sentencing him for lying to the FBI. Didn’t Hillary also lie to the FBI as well as congress?


I hope you are right as far as this being far from over, but maybe after Flynn’s sentencing can there be something else implemented such as a pardon or a legal maneuver of some kind yet to be determined, and yes you are right, the double standard presented here to which Hillary Clinton was allowed to lie to the FBI with impunity is really telling. I am waiting to see what Powell’s thoughts on this ruling is and what they will decide to do next.

I believe Flynn will end up with a full pardon no matter what the sentence is.


Then there is this! Wow some are saying that Barr is protecting the swamp! I hope it isn’t true but if it is this is really bad!

Agreed. No way Trump sits by and allows GEN Flynn to spend even a second in jail while the true traitors roam free.


Amazing the judge disregard the issue entirely and moves to sentencing.

Justice would be 1 day community service.

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Obviously some people working at the FBI clearly broke the law and walked away. When will we prosecute people who over reach breaking laws.

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Justice would be a formal public apology from the agents that participated directly in the events leading to his being charged (or incarceration of same) and a reinstatement of or compensation for any and all things that were taken away from him…including his legal fees, other related expenses and his home. Punitive damages might also be in order…say somewhere in the millions!

It’s become a constant liberal feeding frenzy since Trump was elected. Thing is, all the libs have knives & forks; but really nothing to cut. They are all strangling in the juices of frustration.

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Judge Sullivan appears to be compromised and heroic patriot General Flynn continues to get the shaft. Meanwhile corrupt and treasonous democrats continue their coup against a sitting president unimpeded with no fear of punishment. This is extremely irritating.

But that will never happen.

This is a pain irony for Flynn! This is really going to blowup soon!


*** UPDATE ***

FLYNN to withdraw his guilty plea.

From his Lawyer Sidney Powell

Details here

I am glad he is fighting this and not taking this crap lying down.

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***UPDATE 1/17/2020

Judge in the Michael Flynn case delays sentencing yet again!

Powell tweeted last month that the FBI was “still hiding evidence of Flynn’s innocence” and has noted repeatedly that the FBI has failed to produce the original written FBI account, known as a 302, of its agents’ conversation with Flynn that led to charges against him.